Comrades, I just sinned, reached its Goal

birdsnbloomsNovember 15, 2012

Rosey, I didn't want you to think I was avoiding you..

Whether or not this thread continues, well.... :)

I on the top floor has many advantages.

Heat from the floor below.

Sun...The upstairs rooms get a lot more light than the main floor. Wish there were more windows up there...

12 plants ordered arrived about sinning! One more to go.

Now, all I have to do is add to plant journal, research, find pots, repot..last, and most important, find

I also have to go to HD to buy a couple really large saucers. 24" or higher..But, that'll have to wait.

I think sinning is over this year. It's way too cold, plants might freeze during shipping.

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I'm considering to bring these darn easter lilies home. the lack of sun, and my continual forgetting to water them is killing them.

I also think I'd like to visit Lowes this weekend. I know it sounds weird - but I have read so many folks having good luck there recently, looking for houseplant bargains - I just may have to check out the one near me.

No, don't need more plants... but, there's a bargain out there... I just know it... waiting for me to find it. :D

I also need pots, and I have to research how to prepare for those clippings ... so that I can get them rooted. I'm not always good at rooting things. But, more than willing to try again. :)

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Toni, Hi, Thanks for continue the sin post. I did not realize we commit so many sins in short period of time. What kind of plants did you just ordered?

I did not commit fragrant sin recently. but I lugged home 8 13" large clay pots at 15 lb each, total 120 lb from IKEA last night... What can I say...They are on sale, can't pass the deal. I am always in search of pots... red pot, green pot, square pot, ceramic pot, plastic pot.... never have enough of pots.

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Well, I didn't go shopping after all. Instead, I received a lovely package in the mail with the cuttings from mrao. :) So that's 4 more pots - 2 of the jasmine, the epiphillum and the tabernaemontana. I hope I'm rooting them correctly - I put them in a cactus blend type dirt, with the bottoms coated in root hormone.

and, I don't know what it is about the jasmine - but my Isabelle (cat) is being such a brat. She won't leave it alone - and keeps up-rooting (minus roots) them. six times in the course of a weekend, I had to replant them. And it's only the jasmine - she leaves the others alone.

What is it about jasmine and her? even my current jasmines, moo and undecided ... - she has always liked to nibble on the leaves. So, I have to surround those pots with others so that the jasmine is less accessible.

And, the amount of evil eyes I've sent her way - she's a beauty of a cat - but she's becoming extra obnoxious now that Papi's gone.

Am I fated to not have beautiful jasmine plants? will all the leaves be half chewed or toothmarked?

anyway - she's such a brat.

my only sin this weekend was I bought a chrismas cactus while out food shopping - didn't pay attention to the lesson between christmas and thanksgiving :) so don't know if it's one or the other - but she's small, and has white flowers. Yes, - me - the one who said for years that I'd never get one of those plants because to many people have them... but, it was the only white one mixed into a batch of reds, pinks and a couple of peaches... so, I figured it was unusual enough I should take it home. (and at $3.99 - what a bargain.)

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Rose, you are lucky and hope the cuttings take roots. Mrao sent me the cuttings too. Thanks Mrao. But I was out of the town last week. By the time I open the package, no survives...stems are all dried and leaves all fell off and started rot. I am sad... I am still waiting for Mike's package to cheer me up.

As far as I know, the difference in leaves shape between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus is that the Thanksgiving cactus has pointed leaves and Christmas has rounded leaves. I have a white flower Thanksgiving cactus that I had for years. Each fall, I left it out till freeze then move it indoor to the basement. It blooms for me every year without much issue. It started to bloom this weekend. I love the way it sends out flowers ... look like to reach out to someone. When I first got this plant, there is no any other color other than white, but in recent years, a touch of purple started to show up in the center... It somehow mutated. Other day, I saw a orange colored one, I was very tempted. but I know Christmas is near and I must behave in order to be put on Santa's list for something better...

Isabelle probably misses Papi. Cats are a lot smarter than we think they are... They have emotions just we do. My cat likes to have grass in its diet. But it is too cold to let him out now. We have catnip which he really loves and some wheat grass grow in pots for him to chew on. He leave my plants alone... He knows that those are mama's plants.

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Isabelle liked to chew on my Jasmines even before Papi died... so it's not grief doing it. this uprooting thing is a possible bid for attention? ... but, of course I'm going to hear the crackling of her playing with the plants at 2:30 in the morning... and, I'm not thinking 'cuddling' when I yell at her to behave.

I moved the new jasmine into the south window on top of the metal rack. It's not in the sunniest location - being in the spot that the "Rex" begonia had been ... but, I don't have a lot of other options on where to put more plants that are high enough off ground and away from Isabelle's teeth.

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Toni, YUP, that is what they all say..."One last drink", "One last cigarrette", lol

As long as we associate with each other and have all the plants at our finger tips, whether by internet, friends, or stores, we are going to sin until our sins mass to the heavens! Look at it this way, maybe the plant Gods are on our side?lol

Look, as long as you still have room to sleep in a bed in your house, then there is always room for one more! Now, I am an enabler!lol

Hello Annie and Rosey! I hope life has been good to you girls. I hope you know that I too once again sinned this past weekend and plan to again on 'Black Friday'.ha

As long as there a fragrance we think we might be missing out on, we are going to spend, spend, spend, right Robert, Kemistry, Butterfly4u and everyone else? lol

Rosey, once again I just wanted to say SORRY for Papi. I feel bad about that:-(

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it's a thanksgiving cactus then. it's pointy.

Mike, thanks for your kind comments. Papi will be missed, but every day I'm doing a bit better. I may someday even consider opening my place to another cat; but for the moment - my four are learning what their family is without the Papi apha controlling them. And, it's interesting to watch how their dynamics have changed between them.

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Rosey, if you know a wonderful member and gal named Laura, she just went through the very same thing. In fact, it is such a sad story.

You and her have something in common now other than your good nature and loving kindness! She needs support too and is the of the mots giving and kind people on these forums. She spends a lot of time on the Plumeria one, and the Container one, and the Cactus one, and the Houseplant one. Please, take a peek:-)

Look toward the bottom of that thread and enjoy all the pictures:-)


Here is a link that might be useful: About poor Laura's lost dog

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Just plain, simple, naked addiction. You saw my pics? I have plants everywhere, one blocking me from opening the dryer until I finagle stuff differently... And I'm wondering what they might have at WM today... But, logically, I do have room for TINY new plants.

You gotta know I'm chuckling because you said a month or so ago you didn't have room for a tiny cutting I offered. But if it would have taken the spot you dreamed of being occupied by one of these other plants you like better, I perfectly understand and know your eye is drawn to caudex type plants much more than creepers, which also end up needing to hang or be constantly trimmed off. So give yourself some credit for having SOME ability to draw the line. And have a blast with your new arrivals!

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purple, SOME ability to draw the line? the line changes many times a week...LOL.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ha! No doubt. I bought more plants yesterday (tho not fragrant.) Sheer madness and lack of self control. And you people. Take enabling responsibility at least.

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Purple... if you can't open your dryer... I think you may have exceeded whatever goal you were going for, by at least one. :D

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You are all bad for each other to be sinning together!!lol

Wait until you see the new additions I got..

Just wanted to say hello and thinking of you all. I have been sick lately and my dad not to good:-(

Annie. I e-mailed you yesterday to see if you got a package and have not heard from you. I hope you are ok. My mom sent you something.


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Mike, looking forward to seeing the pictures.

I'm really sorry to hear that your dad's not doing well. If only a bowl of hot chicken soup would help, I'd give you my recipe. (I'd offer to mail you a bowl, but it probably wouldn't do well in transit). Nothing like soups though, this time of year - to make some things seem better.

I'm sending you an 'internet (hug) and wishing things will get better.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Oh, sorry to hear about your Dad, Mike. Seems like a lot of forum members are of the age where their parents have a lot of health and aging issues. Mine too. It's not an easy thing. Hope you and your Dad have a good day!

I did manage to arrange things to get the plant out of the way of the dryer. In fact, still spending a few minutes a few times per day tweaking the plant arrangements in here. There are so many hanging plants, I've had worries about the ceiling... If I don't get on here often, I start feeling even more crazy. It's good to be in like company!

The line is chalk!

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Mike, I will check the e-mail later.

I did not receive the package. When did you send it and which address did you send it to? I was so worried the plant just sit inside the package start rotting when I was out of town the week before. Did you send through postal office or UPS?

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