Hedychiums - flowering too fast?

Mickey_Sg(Singapore)September 8, 2004

Hi all,

When I bought my Hedychium Coronariums (white), the flowerheads were about the size of a medium-sized lemon when they started to bloom, the blooming continued for a week or more as the head put out more and more flowers.

After a couple of weeks of inactivity, they've bloomed again as some of the younger canes have grown up. However, this time the flowerheads were quite small when they started to flower, about the size of big thumb. They put out about 6 blooms or so over a period of a couple of days, and then stopped. Oh dear!

They get plenty of sun and water, the leaves look fine, not burned or anything, so I don't think they're getting too much sun. I haven't given them any fertiliser yet.

Does anyone know why they bloom in this manner? I'd love to get them to bloom as abundantly as they did when I'd first got them.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice y'all can give,

Thanks and regards


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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

try fertilizing them more, everything else seems to be fine. If they're underfed they will tend to put out smaller/thinner shoots. If anything they should be putting out larger shoots.

Tim Chapman

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camiafan(Killeen, TX)

Tim, what fertilizer is good for them? How often should they be fed? How long can a pot about eighteen inches in diameter be able to sustain these plants, healthy and blooming? What soil would you recommend for potted hedychium coronarium? Thanks for your tips.

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camiafan, they would do better in the ground. Peat mixed with sand, compost, bark chips, perlite, or anything you have to make it quick draining. A time release fertilizer 2 or 3 times during spring and summer and liquid fertilizer weekly. Plently of water.

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