zingiber 'midnight' questions

southlatropicalSeptember 18, 2007

I have some of this coming in the mail. Do I treat it like my shampoo ginger or does need special care. How tolerant of cold is it? Does it prefer more or less shade? Any info about the growing habit of this ginger would be greatly appreciated.

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)


Zingiber Malaysianum, Midnight ginger, is rated to zone 8 or 9 but my experience tells me it's a zone 10 plant. I grew mine in the ground, 50% shade, in a protected southern exposure. It died back each winter, and was very slow to resprout in the spring. In fact, it didn't come back until June if I remember. When it came back, it was about half as big as the summer before and the following year, it just disappeared. I'm growing it in a pot now. I've never bloomed this ginger and don't know if I ever will since last year, it even died back in the greenhouse. I have a friend in Florida who has a very large greenhouse and she has grown this ginger in the ground in the greenhouse and gotten it to bloom. But the foliage is very nice and I'm happy with the plant as it is.
Good luck,


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I planted mine in the ground in a spot that is in part sun / part shade most of the day (under some banana's, palms and taller costus). It is not happy. I'm going to have to find a spot where it will be in light shade most of the day or put it back into a pot and move it under cover on the patio. It's very pretty even without blooms and I'm hoping i can keep it happy.

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I introduced this ginger from Johor. it is very sensitive to any cold. It is evergreen if kept warm enough. treat it as you would Alpinia purpurata. A slight yellowing of the leaves is the first sign of too much cold. A well grown plant is a joy to see.

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birdlady_liz(z9a cntrl Fla)

Hi kaempferiaguy,
Small world, Sir Banta...
Hope all is well with you, Sir.
Is the species malaysiana for this zingiber?
I love this plant, but as you well know Sir I have never seen an ugly ginger.

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The plants arrived 3 days ago. The person that sent them packaged the plants very well. Some of the leaves are a little browned around the edges. Another observation is that the leaves have remained folded down along the leaf mid-rib (like banana leaves on a hot sunny day). The plant is potted up and placed under my patio out of direct sunlight. It is well watered and the leaves have been misted. Will it survive as a house plant during the winter?

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