Are these Globbas correctly named

Mickey_Sg(Singapore)September 30, 2004

Sorry, its me again!

Two of the other Globbas I bought were labelled G. Auriantica and G. Unifolia. Are they correct?

G. Auriantica:

G. Unifolia

Thanks and Regards


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No, they are not. The second one looks like G. patens except that it seems more pink than I have ever seen. Its not G. variabilis despite the way I sounded in my last post (G. patens and G. variabilis look similar if only an old dry infl. is left).

The first one is more complicated. It is possibly G. aurantiaca but that species comes from Sumatra which isn't a common place for people to collect gingers. It may also be G. curtisii, a species from Peninsular Malaysia. Getting a plant from Pen. Mal. is more likely, in which case it is G. curtisii. To make a long story short, more taxonomic work needs to be done on the Malaysian/Indonesian species with plain green bracts. But I probably won't have time for that for a few years. So for now you can take your pick of those two names. To be honest, they may be a single species anyway as sometimes taxonomists focus too closely on one area (e.g. Sumatra OR Malaysia) without comparing what grows in different areas (Sumatra AND Malaysia).

It looks like all the species you have are evergreen. Makes sense given where you are. Outside of your area most of the species grown are deciduous.


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Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the replies. The plants are much more likely to have come from Peninsular Malaysia or Thailand, I can check with the the nursery, but its unlikely that they would get anything from Sumatra. So I'll assume the one labelled Auriantica is therefore G. Curtisii.

Kind Regards

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