What do you think? Potential fall plants.

chloeashaNovember 11, 2012

Hi all! I rarely post in here, but was thinking about my "garden" and thought I'd ask if you all had any suggestions.

I have a north-facing recessed balcony. I don't really get direct sunlight-- I do, for maybe an hour, and I consider that negligible. I do have very bright light though as my shade is from the building.

I've been working on creating a fragrant spring/fall garden. I more or less ignore the heat of summer because it's too hot (over 100) to go sit outside in that humidity. I have, so far:

daffodils, grape hyacinths, lilies of the valley, viola odoratas, confederate jasmine, hedychiums Dr. Moy and Luna Moth, rosemary, Stargazers, and passifloras. I have tuberoses, but I think it's too dark for them. I am almost out of room, but I was considering getting some hyacinths. I'm stretched to the max as far as bringing things in and out, so I am looking for hardy plants.

Any ideas for some additional fall-bloomers? I'm more heavily weighted for spring scent as you can see.

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Hi, Julianna. You are talking about container gardening , right? You might be able to grow some vine jasmine.

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Hi! Yes, I just have my thirst floor balcony-- so I have to grow in containers.

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