Is Fur The New Green Clothing?

twonightbubblesJanuary 22, 2011

I heard this new fad is going through the "green community" when it comes to fashion, and I found it fairly interesting. Evidentally fashionable nature-lovers are turning to wild fur for clothing and accessories.

It's completely biodegradable, and takes less energy to "grow and harvest" than cotton and other organic materials. Because it's wild-caught it's not farm raised and doesn't take up space or energy needed to feed and care for them. It's completely natural, and not made of synthetic materials or petrolium. Plus it's a renewable resource that can never run out. Most animals tend to breed faster than they can be trapped, allowing the population to maintain steady even with the fur market rising.

I just found this really interesting, and have actually started buying fur myself. For winter they make really great coats and hats. They've even started making jewelry and recently I believe in a Prada show new fox tail accessories were worn. Thought I'd just share the news, and see what you all thought.

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Actually fur that has been tanned is no longer biodegradable, that's the whole idea of preserving it. It contains metal salts and other chems to denature the proteins and prevent it breaking down while you wear it.

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