Costus vinosus - correct id???

minibim(FL z10)September 6, 2005

I received a rhizome from Mark Collins that was/is supposed to be C. vinosus. According to Dave Skinner's website C. vinosus has cupped ligules, mine does not.

Here are pic's of the first plant, it is getting filtered sunlight and seems to be losing the dark color in the leaves as well as the red underside.

This is a small clone of the first plant and is much darker and redder.

Is this C. vinosus?

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GingersRus(Tallahassee z8B)

The cupped ligules is a characteristic of the form of Costus vinosus that is common in horticulture, but it is not necessarily a character that distinguishes the species. There might be forms of this species that do not have cupped ligules. The same is true of Costus productus, which has forms with cupped ligules (in horticulture they are called 'Emerald Chalice' and 'Maroon Chalice') and the more common form without cupped ligules (usually sold under the wrong name of Costus curvibracteatus).

It is impossible to tell for certain without seeing flowers, but your plant looks very much like Costus laevis. In the third picture from the top, the young folige near the ground has the characteristic silvery sheen of Costus laevis along the midrib. I went to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica this summer to study the Costus there, and this species was by far the most common, so I saw lots of it and can recognize it pretty well from the foliage. The coloration varies with maturity of the leaves and depending on the shade condition. Suggest you check and compare the photos of Costus laevis on my website against your plant.

By the way, I have just finished updating my website with over a thousand new photos and have added a new search engine to search the images.

Here is a link that might be useful: All About Gingers

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minibim(FL z10)

I think C. laevis is correct. Unfortunately it hasn't bloomed yet, it got off to a bad start after a herd of racoons decided to dance on it.

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