Curcumas on Hydroculture.

PaoMiamiSeptember 20, 2011

Hello everyone, this is my first blog in here after many months reading all kind of forums.

I recently have transfer some plants from Soil to Clay pellets so I put all my house plants on Hydroculture cause I'm tyre of bugs and pests coming from Home Depot soils (miracle grow potting mix).

At home I have 2 Curcumas Recurvatas, and things haven't being so well. 2 types of soils in 3 months, yellow edges on all the leaves and doesn't look that happy. I think it;s a problem with the soil and maybe over watering. These plants are indoor in a constant temperature of 78-75� F and the small apt. have plenty of indirect light coming from the West.

I was wonder how beneficial could it be to transfer for a 3rd time, and the last one, from a Pot with Soil Potting Mix to full Clay Pellets under a Hydroculture system.

Any advice will be useful ?


P.S: Also, I have a small Pachira (Money Tree) would it work on Clay too?

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

A couple things: to start there is no such thing as Curcuma recurvata. Perhaps you have C roscoeana?? If it is a Curcuma, a constant temp in the mid to lower 70s is too cold as they are use to much warmer temps and in general gingers don't do so well as houseplants. I can't comment much on hydroponics, but do know there are some growers growing edible Ginger this way, but again in much warmer situations. Depending on what species you have, they may not be receiving enough light as well.

Tim Chapman

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Hi Tim, Sorry, I had a lapsus brutus and I mist my poor Curcuma Laddawan with my Elephant Foot (Recordata).
We finally transfer to the Clay Pallets and looks happy so far, let see how it goes.
Thanks for stoping by.

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