Help needed for planting retaining wall

shaz01May 4, 2014

I'm pulling my hair out trying to landscape a retaining wall which is 50 ft x 20 ft deep .it faces west and has a few tall pine trees. It gets some sun in am then shade . I am from England and am not used to this red clayð© the space is flat at the back then slopes down slightly. I don't have much space from bottom of wall to start of patio area. I have planted a couple of Azaleas, but want to have ground cover. Would also like vines to climb the wooden fence which surrounds the wall at back and sides, also something to climb down the wall! Any help would be gratefully appreciated as iv been staring at wall for the last 4 hours!, Thank you! Oh I'm zone 7 ð³

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It faces west but only gets sun in the morning? Sounds like it faces east!

How tall is the wall? Want to share a picture? Don't let clay intimidate you, it's really not so bad.

Where you want vines, what is the sun exposure there?

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Thank you for your reply. The wall is 5 ft tall. Maybe it does face east ð³
I will try and take a photo! That's if I can find out how to put it on here!

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Here's one photo

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2nd photo. Looks rounded but is straight across. Please don't look at lack of grass...have 2 Golden retrievers! Dog scaping project for next year !

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Ok, so pretty high up, not something where you'd have people looking down on plants, rather they would be looking up to them. That is something to be considered in making your choices.

I see the fence. If you want evergreen vines, there are two natives that are evergreen: crossvine (which will adher to the wall with tiny discs) and Carolina jessamine (which needs something to climb like wire strung from top to bottom in a few places).

It is a handsome wall, not sure why you want to cover it. Virginia creeper is a deciduous vine that could do the job.

If truly there is no sun past 2 pm, then you can do things like the low azaleas or gardenias. If you want more native suggestions, those two are not native, let me know.

I'm sure others will have ideas now that you have pictures.

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Thank you so much for your help. I think because the yard is very small I would just like some colour trailing over the wall a little to brighten it up as it's very near the patio area. Thanks again.

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Phlox subulata is a nice trailing plant. If you hurry, there might still be some left at Home Depot or Lowes. It is a spring plant that they carry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Creeping phlox

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