Gardenias, bare root

birdsnbloomsNovember 26, 2011

Hello. Today I received 4 bare-root, variegated Gardenias. They were shipped from Thailand.

The instructions said to place in water for 30 mins. They're in water now.

My question is, what size pot should they go in, and what type of soil?

I have a 16-yr-old potted Gardenia, but cannot recall if I used African Soil or Succulent soil, among other mediums for drainage.

Thanks much, Toni

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I would use the succulent soil myself.
If that is your only choice.
You could make your own mix up also, if you wanted to.
But for now, if you don't mind repotting them in the future, use the succulent soil.
Congrats on your new babies.
Your good with plants, so I am sure they will be blooming up a storm for you in no time.

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Hi Butterfly...for some reason I didn't get an email when you responded, even though I checked the box.

I ended up potting in succulent soil w/some All-Purpose. (for nutricion.)

The seller sent a huge plastic bag to keep Gardenias inside. She also suggested a bright location, 'only problem is there's no sun to speak of here.' So, they're near a lamp.

Thanks, Butterfly. I pray they survive, but after 20+ days in transit, is iffy.


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