Here you go friends! Nt Brunfelsia full of blooms! Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)November 5, 2011

This has to be one of the most sweetest plants you can own. They are so easy to grow and the fragrance just fills the air as soon as the sun sets until the sun starts to rise.

A great plant to have when anytime of the year to bring the tropics home:-) It was a beautiful day for pics I thought I would share.

The sweetness is to die for and just makes you feel good all over.

This is Brunfelsia' Lady of the night' and far worth the keep! This is about the 7th time it has flowered since the spring. It seems to flower more than grow for me. Love it.

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OK! OK! Where can I get one???


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tomatoman(9B E Cen Fl)

I'm new to this forum, and hope this hasn't been answered before. Do you, anyone you know have subject seeds for trade or sell?

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have to wait until after Christmas (unless I can find one in Florida when I go), but definately have to try this out. What family is it in?


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Family is Solanaceae. Mine is finally setting buds so I can't wait until it blooms and I can experience the scent myself! :)


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Good for you. I am very happy for you. I know how much and how hard you have been trying to get yours to bloom. I can't wait for you to enjoy the fragrance.

Hey Wes! How did you know? lol Hope you have been well.

Tomatoe: I am not sure. But I just havn't the patience to wait for a long time for seeds to bloom.

Ruth: How have you been? I hope your Alba is doing great. I know you have to get one of these Bruns now. You are mssing out if you don'


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

My Brunfelsia gigantea finally bloomed! The scent is more 'perfumey' with a clove undertone at night. I've noticed that I can detect a sweet scent before sunset and sometimes in the morning (without the clove undertone).
The first time it bloomed there was only one flower and I had to stick my nose to it to detect any scent. Now that I have two flowers open it is beginning to waft and I can smell it without having to get close.
My only gripe about this brunfelsia is how huge and wide it is! It takes up the bulk of my window space. :(
Not a problem with those who have the room I suppose. I got this in spring and it bloomed within a year just as Logee's site stated it would (my B. nitida only bloomed once in the two years I had it and it had a strong clove like scent with no sweetness).
In the background on the left growing on the windowsill is Brunfelsia densifolia/densiflora (looks like a little pine tree). It's supposed to have a spicy scent but is not as stingy with its blooms. :)


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

These pics have got me drooling. I told myself several times already no more plants for the rest of the year but Logee's SALE on Monday was just too irresistible plus all this discussion on Brunfelsia has piqued my interest in this genus.

I selected B. isola for it is said to be best for container culture. Thanks for all the descriptions on the fragrance...really appreciate that.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Dar!

You're welcome. I try to give as much info as possible to help others so they don't have to run through plants like I do. Laugh.
Thank you for letting me know that Logee's is now offering Brunfelsia isola! I've always wanted to try it and its dwarf size and slow growth do sound perfect for my limited window space in the winter. Of course I ordered one after reading your post (this site is dangerous as we all know!). I placed a hold to have it shipped in spring so my partner won't completely flip out when yet another plant arrives. ;)


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You are too funny. Now that I am taking care of my parents temporarily, I have been asking for more money for heating costs. Guess what they always bring up when I ask or when I receive a package? lol

I looked at your Brunfelsia after I forgot about this thread and was shocked. Congrats and I hope you enjoy the nice fragrance.

Wait until I tell you the next plant I am getting from Logees! Not publically though, for fear they will sell out. I do have to say it is one of the if not the most fragrant plants I EVER smelled.

Hint: Rare, mostly propagated by seed, flowers look like candles, more fragrant than a gardenia and brusfelsia combined, and takes about a year or two to get to flowering stage and beautiful. I LOVE this tree!


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OK Mike,
I have to agree..the brunfelsia Gigantae is amazing...the scent is like Easter Lily sweetness and carnation spice all wrapped up into one...great moon garden plant here in Florida although not happy under 60 degrees so very tender tropical...also included my two favorite orchids blooming now..the peachy George King Serendipity with its amazing powdery perfume in the mornings and Betty Ford which is perfuming up the whole side yard every afternoon...

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Hum!!! A Betty Ford?

Guess what I did last night as soon as I saw you post?lol
I couldn't one:-((((((

Your plants are amazing Blutayle and to think they have such nice Orchids as so. I was actually looking on E-bay last night for one too.

Your Bruns. is beautiful. Like a plant for a hanging basket so loaded with flowers. Nice.

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