Should I plant my Globbas or keep them in nursery pots?

jayfergSeptember 14, 2004

I just picked up two Globba's at a nearby nursery and I am so happy to finally get some good sized plants!

Should I keep them in their nursery pots until spring or can I plant them in the ground now? Or move them to other pots?

Also....can they take full shade or would I be better off putting them in pots where it would get dappled sun for most if the day.

I am worried about them getting established in ground before cooler temps hits.


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I have about 5 different ones and I keep all of mine in pots. They are all going to die back soon anyways. I then keep all the pots in the shed and they come back out in March or so. Most of mine are still in bloom and have new shoots coming out...should die back around Dec. I guess you could plant them in the ground. I would be worried the rain and cold might rot the rhizomes.
Hope this helps!

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