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meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)September 26, 2004

Hi, I'm interested in possibly replacing our current walkways plant strip to the house with Ginger plants. I live in the east bay in California. Our walkway does not get much sun at all, just a lot of light and some filtered sun. Would ginger grow there. I'm looking to plant fragrant gingers there but dont know what kind of light/sun requirements they have. Thanks for any advice.


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meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)

I just read something about digging up the ginger after the bloom. I live in the bay area in california. Do you have to dig up the rhizomes and store them away then replant them after winter? Do I have to do this in my zone 10b. I would like to be able to just plant these and not have to worry about having to dig them all up. It very seldom freezes here, maybe 5 days out of the year, I'm guessing. Thanks

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You do not say what type of gingers. But in your area most are hardy.
Check the site below for information

Here is a link that might be useful: Ginger info

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meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)

Hi cactusfreak, oh, I actually am not sure what types of gingers yet. Fragrant ones most likely I will have to do some internet searches for the most fragrant gingers I guess then see if I can find info on them regarding hardiness. Are there any gingers that live year round so I always have something showy in the walkway? I guess if these die back every winter it may not be a good idea to put them in the walkway. Thanks for your post!

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