Ok, I sinned, sinned, and sinned again! I am bad. Please forgive

meyermike_1micha(5)November 27, 2012

Yup, I did it again and now I have no where to put my head down. I have thrown out my bed and turned my bedroom into a plant room!

Yup, my plants are taking over this house, but, but, no my life, just yet. Wait until I take pics of what I got.lol

So Annie, my sins keep on coming, more than you. I know what it's like to go to an Orchid show to get just one plant and then at the end, to carry a whole arm full and an escort to the car..hahahah

So, please forgive me :)))


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Oh, Mike, we seems synchronize somehow. I was sinned on the way home today... broke my own promise of not branch out too many collections... I got 15 more plants tonight!!!
I will show you the picture tomorrow... You will laugh, I guarantee it.

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LOL. You people, start holiday shopping so early?

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Not a thing wrong with plants in the bedroom. ditching the bed could be an issue though.

Mike, are you intending to sleep on the couch from now on? or has that been sacrificed with an earlier shopping spree? :D

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Greendale, everyday is a holiday. We are happy people here at this forum...LOL

Rose, no need to ditch the bed. I got an idea... bunk bed. Plants on top... we can surround ourselves with plants all dimensions....

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

There will be no ditching the bed here, but there are several plants hanging above the bed.

The bunk bed idea rocks. I'm going to ask DH to build one for my son's room, which has 3 windows. That would give an additional approx. 18 sq. ft. of medium-low light space, depending on which wall it goes on.

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Purple, I hope your son never watches any movies that involve carnivorous alien plants or strange comets that turn earth plants into carnivorous monsters... - or you could be in trouble :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)


And remember the part in "Creepshow" movie about the green stuff that took over?!


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Lololol..You are all happy, crazy, and funny!

I now sleep on the floor in my living room with my cat!

By the way, I will post pictures of them as they arrive in the mail.lol
I am rally thinking about the Sambac too as mentioned here. You know, when Logee's has a sale, OH BOY! I have been real good here, I have not been on their site or place yet. Talk about an extreme temptation in a non sinning kind of way..Ha

Hey. I am always open to a secret Santa here if it moves anyone. The Sambac is on my list. If you need my address, Santa, juts ask...Hohohoho


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Purple, you son is going to tell his friends that he is living in a Jungle book...LOL

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That was it! the Triffids. I saw it on tv years ago, (before I was into plants) - and yet the name escaped me.

Mike, don't know ... sounds like you went a little far if you're sleeping on the floor (with the cat).

You may need to do what I've seen on some of the hoarder shows - buy a second home so you'll have a place to live and start up 'round 2' of filling that one too.

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Sleeping on the floor with a cat is better than the cat sleep on top of the floor vent...He got his butt roasted warm, my butt is freezing at mid of night...No heat can escape his thick fur.....

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I wouldn't know how that feels... :) my cats all want to sleep on my bed with me. I could have my heat off, and between having one at my feet, one who likes to sleep between my legs (don't know what all that's about, but he makes it really hard for me to do my 'toss-turn' routine)., and one on my chest - I'm pretty much toasty once I go horizontal.

Toni, you'll be happy to hear I put on the heat this past weekend. I came home and I felt chilled - the second floor neighbors must have lowered their heat when they went away for the holiday weekend. Anyway, it's on - and, it's staying on until April. I raise it to 65 when I'm home at night, and 55 when I'm out for the day - which means that I can take my clothes off to shower, and not shiver while waiting for the steam to warm up the bathroom.

OG - If I slept on the floor with cats - I'm sure that my back and hips would be so 'creaky' by morning - I'm not as young as I used to be... my joints want nothing to do with floor. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

"living in a Jungle book" Ha! Good one!!

Mike, I hope someone doesn't take you to court over this. If they use the "reasonable man standard," I think you would be convicted - of being completely addicted.

If we're having a plants-per-sq-foot, density contest, you probably win. Heck, I was going to declare this when I thought you were on the COUCH. Does sleeping on the floor feel like monastic penance?

Rosey, I've got too much self control to get into the obvious kitty/fur jokes there... or even bring it up.

Anxiously awaiting pics of plants worth sleeping on the floor for...

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measure by "reasonable man standard,", half of us here can be convicted.... We all need to see a therapist to get rid of addiction...LOL

these will help me get rid of addiction on the days that I need to sleep on the floor... I will line these up on both sides of area of the floor that I am going to sleep at....

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Oh goodness, I'm blushing and I don't know why... once again... It's hard to be this 'innocent'. ;)

OG, yes, I think those plant buddies would make a good excuse to not cuddle up with them any time soon. But, your bed isn't at risk, right? :)

Mike, do we need to have an intervention for you?

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Rosey, "bed isn't at risk"?? For how long? ...

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Oh, didn't see this post.

Mike, so you did sin again..lol. Where's the pictures?

Green..I think people order plants from Nov through Feb because we need new greens around us.
Actually, plants should be ordered in spring or when temps are warm. It's safer..but I too am guilty ordering plants in cold weather. lol.

Rose...I see why you said Mike is sleeping on the floor..lol. Too funny.

Finally turned the heat on,...wow..How did you cope when nights were in the 20's?? Maybe it wasn't that cold in your area?

Funny, temps are supposed to increase starting today through Sun or Monday..What type of heating source do you have? Vents, etc? You might have told me before, but losing memory..lol.

Purple..Creepshow! Stephen King played the role. Remember he touched a meteor, then said, 'Ohh, meteor sh**!? LOL
King's a trip.

OG..beautiful cactus, but not a plant to sleep near. What would happen if you accidently rolled over?? lol. OUCH. Unless you're wearing 4 layers of clothing, plus face mask, hat and gloves, Cactus are not sleeping pals. lol.

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Toni, it hasn't been that cold here (yet). we're in a cold spell now - and it's in the 30s. And, truthfully, as long as the 2nd floor neighbors are home, I really don't have to have the heat on... but, I was chilled on Sunday - and knew that if I hadn't put it on then, with the cold front coming through - I would soon do it anyway.

it's supposed to warm up again on Sunday. They're saying back to the 50s and maybe even low 60s... I may actually shut the heat off again if it seems to settle in for a bit. :)
It would be good to keep the heating bill down for one more month. :) (wishful thinking, yes?)

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Hey Rose,

You're lucky..it sure was cold here.
What's terrible, many plants were left out when temps dropped in the 30's.
I lost several Hoyas..A few of my favorites..Especially those w/thin leaves..I feel so bad.

I hope it does warm up..but if it must be cold, I wish it'd snow..especially around Christmas.
Can't recall the last time we had snow for the holidays..boohoo..doesn't feel as Christmacy w/o snow. :)

But, you're right..when it's warm, we save on gas bills..the only unhappy people are the Gas Company! lol. Too bad for them.

Electric company must hate us as customers..Our bill goes down during summer. One advantage not using a/c. lol.
Even though we bought a/c last summer, it was rarely used..

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well - a plant dies - means you can replace them with 2 smaller ones.

I know it's a tragedy to lose the bigger ones, but we need a reason to sin, sometimes. And, now you know how fragile those hoya were to the cold, when you get smaller replacements, you can more easily move them around. (easy-peezy) - You wanted a reason to shop, right? :) Just imagine what beautiful plants you might find, and the winter bargains.

(the voice of positivity).

Notice: I make no reference of buying more plants than will fit in your house, nor of giving up furniture to fit them. I like furniture. ;) Plants are supposed to be the decoration for a home, not the main appliance.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Toni, are they dead dead, or just a little zapped? I have a Dief that looks like a lot of its' leaves will be lost due to cold, they look like lettuce if you put it in that wrong spot in the frige where it gets frozen. Oops!

Call it temperature pruning I guess.

"Plants are supposed to be the decoration for a home, not the main appliance." Does it count as breaking this rule if it's only for less than 4 months? I'm a fan of the "replace with 2 smaller ones" thing tho! (Wondering what this means if the 6 thanksgiving cactus I just got croak...?) Smiles!

    Bookmark   November 30, 2012 at 4:01PM
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my DEAR Purple... the replace with 2 only applies to when 'big' plants die. if it's li'l babes that croak, then it's a 1 for 1 exchange.

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that all being said... how does one know when to water a TC? I read somewhere that they're overwatered more often than not. I haven't watered mine since I got it, 2 weeks ago ... is it time?

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Lololo..You are all to funny!

Ok, I didn't want to say that I actually gave up my REAL bedroom to my parents who lost their home a couple of years ago, and the spare room that I was sleeping in has actually become another plant room for just the winter:-)

That is the sacrifice I am willing to make and then while at the same time, sleep with my closest friend, my cat whom too seems like to sleep right between my legs! Oh boy, is he heavy at times and boy does he prevent me from moving.lol

Rosey, I hear you!lol

Yes, it's freezing here and boy do I wish it was like last year, although the ticks too loved that weather.lol

I did the most STUPID thing today and I will share tomorrow. I'll bet we have all been there, done that!

Oh Annie! I can see you sleeping between all those thorns on those cactus! lol. It would be a very prickly sleep!lol Now that would be torture for all your sins..lol
By the way, they are so beautiful, although if there is no fragrance, there is no room in my home for those.lol

Ok, ok, Toni and all, the pics will be here tomorrow. I have to show something for all the sinning I have been doing lately!

Have a great night all and a wonderful sleep no matter if you should choose to sleep on the floor, with your cat. or with cactus! By the way, I do use an air mattress. I sleep wonderfully.

Where is Robert these days and all our other friends?
Yellowthumb, Robert, Butterfly, and many others? Are we the only ones having fun these days?


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I don't like all these rules. I'm going to put them in the same category with the speed limit - only applies to me if there's a cop around.

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Rose..a good excuse, but only two??? lol.
Last night we went to HD and of all stores, Walgreens.
Bought 2 plants at HD, Thanksgiving Cactus and bi-colored flower Cyclamen.


We stopped at Walgreens for aspirin. Wouldn't you know it..adjacent the checkout counter stood a small table w/plants. At first look, they were common, but then, before I was about to walk away, there were two succulents.
Ironically, while browsing Ebay yesterday, I came across a similar if not the same succulent as the one at Walgreen's.
So, I bought one, though should have got both..Not a common succulent..
The outer ceramic, no-drainge container was made in Germany..

Oh, HD's plants were floating in water..A shame!

Rose, I promise you..every room, even though there are plants, have furniture..
Last week we had installed LR carpet. Dh and DS hauled the desk, 'which used to hold a computer,' in the garage.
Since we no longer keep a computer on the desk, I might ditch the desk. Might be nice for my tall, D. Marginata. lol.

Hey Purple. Yep, Hoyas were Dead, Dead. I feel so bad. If it hadn't been for my knee plants would have been in a lot sooner.

Yep, I learned a lesson...Hoyas cannot tolerate freezing temps and frozen rain.
Although thick-leaf types did better, several leaves had dropped..many remaining are frost-bitten..so I have to remove a few leaves everyday..though not as many as before. Thank God!

Mike..is the sun out there? Will your pics come out clear or dark? It's gloomy here, but temps are in the 60's.
Still, too dark to snap a pic..I might try.

Hey Purple, you and I have the same driving rules..speed unless the police are around..Great rule. I didn't know there were two people who had this right!

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Mike, I'll sacrifice a lot for my plants... but not a comfortable's night sleep! You may want to think in terms of fold-able futon! There are some really nice singles available that fold up into chairs by day!

Remember... you have to live with your back for the rest of your natural life... a good sleeping surface that supports you properly is essential!

I'd give up my current bed in a second... I hate it! I dearly miss our last one, custom made. But this broken body needs a decent resting place, and I'd have to sacrifice plants to have that!

Nice cacti in the photos!

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I must have missed the "speed unless the police are around" post... you'd think my husband was a race car driver when we have open road! I cringe when I look at the speedometer, but I must admit, he does shave hours off our trips! LOL!

    Bookmark   December 8, 2012 at 10:40AM
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