Butterflu4u, are you ok? Where have you been?

meyermike_1micha(5)November 15, 2012

I have been wondering if you are ok?

Both my Mom and I have always appreciated what you have to say here, and we wonder if you have been ok?

You will post something, and then not follow through with conversartion which is very concerning.

I can only think you are very busy, not enjoying your time here with us, something is severly wrong, or that you just forget. Hopefully it's just that you are busy.

You have been a treasure here for years and I am hoping that you will see this thread and realize how much we miss you around and that we hope everything is ok:-)

+ This is for you:-)))))))))))))))

Love you plants by the way.

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Mike and Mom,
I am fine. Yes, I have been very busy lately.
I am trying to figure out where to plant my new sweet olive, I do believe it should be in the ground for winter, I am afraid it will be too cold in a pot outside.
I have been digging up grass around my exsisting tea olives and other shrubs and mulching for the winter, UGH, what a job.
We finally got rain last night, i couldn't believe it!
North GA and the southern part of SC has been under a stage 4 drought since this summer, and keeping everything alive has been a chore.
Time to rake leaves soon and mulch mow them in, or make a compost pile.
Mike, I love this time of year, the trees are beautiful changing colors and the weather is cool. Gardening isn't that much of a chore if it's not hot out.
Thanks for inquiring about me.
You are thoughtful.
Still waiting for my plumeria to bloom, never saw one before except in pictures. It's in the dining room by a window for sun, so you never know.
Do you have plumerias?

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Butterfly, it's so good that my Mom and I see that you are ok!

I was a bit sick lately and sorry it took me a while to get back here, but you surely put a smile on my face.
We go way back and I never forgot the nice things you have said to me and for all teh great advice you have taught me and others here. You certainly have some very nice fragrant plants!
Rememeber the Gardenia you showed us a pic of with the snow on it? Is it still doing ok?

Now, that is frustrating and yet adventurious at teh same time, trying to figure where to put that AWESOME olive tree that you got! Have you got a spot yet? Would you like ouyr opinions? I'll help you. I use to be a landscaper and did my own yard. I have an eye for that stuff.

I am so happy it finally rained! Yahoo. I'll bet your plants reacted very nicely. They probably turned very green and even flowered for you. I'll bet you Olive Tree loved it! It seems mines loves to get wet. It give me more blooms when I wet it.

I had no idea foliage turned color that far south! I had no idea you had to rake either. I'll bet your winters are a lot shorter than mines though. I miss mine were as short as yours! I hate bringing my plants in for sooooo long without fresh air. I can tell you that smelling the fragrance in my house though is something I would not enjoy if they were all outside. YOu should smell my Brunfelsia in bloom at night while watching T.V!

It's so good to see you. Listen, keep in touch with us or me if you wish. My e-mail is mikerno_1@yahoo.com.
Do you grow other plants besides Fragrants?

Many a good night and my MOm said to send you a hug.

Mike and Sissy

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