Aussie Flume dried leaf edges and small holes

joyglennOctober 30, 2008

Hi, we live on Oahu here in Hawaii. We have some Aussie Flume gingers. The edges of the leaves are yellow/brown and dried out looking. There are also little holes a little smaller than a fingerprint on the leaves.. What is going on? The plants look horrible...thanks for your experience and advice...JOY

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Hi joyglenn,
I live in Manoa and have the same problem. Did you ever find out? Had three varigated spiral ginger about 6 feet tall. Not sure what the name is, but has a velvety underside of leaf, red stem and white flower. Someone called it crepe ginger. Whatever it is, I had the same problem. Had someone come over and he said to cut it down and try the Bayer tree and shrub systemic. The base is okay. Have the bridal bouquet plumeria next to it and it isn't looking good either. It has been too wet lately to apply it. Good luck.

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)


I think what you have is Aussie Plume, a Curcuma ginger. Does the bloom appear out of the center of the foliage? If it is a Curcuma, most have a dormant period; at least they do here on the continent. New growth starts to appear in the spring with blooms in the summer.


Your ginger is probably Costus Speciosus Variegata. Once it blooms, the stem dies. Is this the reason yours is looking bad or are your stems looking bad before it blooms.


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info, looked at Dave's Garden and you are right on. You're right that the stalk with the bloom dies, but the problem was with the whole plant, all three. They were about 3'X6' tall and it affected most of the the leaves. Never saw any critters on the leaves. Joyglenn's description was right on, yellow brown leaves and holes irregular shape, about the size of the pinkie. Prior to this, blooms were coming regularly and new growths were really nice. Thanks for your input. Gerry

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