Ok! I have a new aquisition! Now guess what it is? lol

meyermike_1micha(5)November 8, 2012

Yup, I'll have to leave you all hanging until I can take a picture within the next couple of days!

Let me just say that is anyone here guesses what it is before Saturday, I will send you a surprise plant!


1. Olympia sinned before me and now has one!

2. It's fragrant...lol

3. The flowers are tubular

4. Loves to bloom throughout the year

5. Has elongated shiny green leaves.

6. Hard to get anywhere except for one favorite store of ours..

I think that's enough..lol

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Needle Flower Tree from Logee's??? Lol. Okay what did I win? JK.

But here's my latest sin: a dwarf ylang from T0pTropicals. It arrived today! :)

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Kemistry, don't get me started again...Yet another I must have..lol
That is so beautiful and lucky you!

I am now thinking about another. By the way, beep, you loose..lol

Not a bad guess though..lol Remember, Olympia has one and has posted one recentlty..Oops, another hint.lol


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Aah I know I know. But I already lost my chance. Dang it. Lol. :p

Mike I read that the dwarf ylang has a mild fragrance and some ppls can't smell theirs. The only reason I buy one is because I can't grow the regular ylang tree (and I got outbidded on ebay. Lol)

If you have the space I say look into the vine Ylang instead: artabotrys hexapetalus or artabotrys siamensis. I heard that they smell great! : )

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I'm going with Tree Jasmine (Holarrhena pubescens) and Kemistry, you're totally terrible cuz I've been researching both of those ylang ylangs recently!
I think I want Artabotrys hexapetalus...next year! :)


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Robert, you are close, but no cigar! it is the one like me, vertically challenged... LOL.

Kemistry,I have never ordered anything from T. tropical before, It looks like a very nice healthy tree. Let us know its scent when it blooms so I can increase my budget... I am way passed the " fiscal cliff"...

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Tomorrow I will post a picture and then for sure you will know who the winner is if there is one@!

Now, The plant I have may not be fragrant, or maybe, but it will not be your average plant. It will be one of my jades hard to come by in the states, if you know how to grow one of course. The colors are spectacular!
Or, if you still really want a fragrant, either I will but a small one at Logee's for you or send a plant or cutting of my own:-)

Hope my friends here are having a fun day!

Kemistry: You are too funny! Even though, that plant is a MUST.lol
Robert: Have you ever smelled that Jasmine before? Is it nice? Hum, that is another I want!lol
Annie! Long time no talk..lol I survived another Noreaster and it is darn chilly today, but the sweet olives are back outside along my my Camelia's lol


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mike!

OG has smelled Tree Jasmine (Holarrhena pubescens) and I believe said it smells like Jasminum tortuosum. I've never smelled either so who knows!
Think I might know what your new acquisition is of course it won't be any fun if you post a pic and give it away! Laugh.


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Mike, Haven't talked to you for few days. Tell mom that I say hi.
You are so genuine and always creativity! I must say, it is a great way of redeeming sins.... every time you sinned, just send us a cutting from you collection...we all will be happy to forget about what ever you have committed...LOL

My sweet olive is having a temper tantrum even since it was inside. The air is too dry for it , it started to loos some leaves and dry on the leave tip. I mist it every day, hope it will fell better...Gee, none of any my orchids act out like that...I forgot which spot I put it last year. It was happy and blooming last year. If I could remember, I can just put it back to its old spot.
glad to hear you and your plants survived another weird weather... I was told it is going to be the new norm. We are near 60 today and going to be even higher on weekend. But after that, we are going to get what you have...It is either now or then, isn't it... No way around it.

Curiously, Do any of you have the Needle Flower Tree? I have to confess that I have looked at it on Logee's catalog numerous times, on the edge of committing sin many times.. only looking ... Looking doesn't count , right? My impression is that this plant requires high light and temperature, not that easy to grow. I would like anyone who grows this plant share some thoughts of it.

Robert, The tree Jasmine to my nose smells like between Tortuosum and French Jasmine... It scent is stronger, and sweeter than Tortuosum but less strong and less floral tone than French. But if you read Mike's description "Loves to bloom throughout the year" . I can tell you that mine sleeps more than 6 months a year... I must got a extremely lazy plant...
Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Annie! If I sent you a plant cutting for every time I sinned, I've have no plants left! haha


Now, Robert, how in the world did you know!????

You hit if right on the head. Annie, I'm afraid Robert was close and got the cigar.lol
I'mm in love with the plant. I just hope it does good and I see it flower in my care.
Robert, you win! Now I shall have to come up with a plant of some kind for you:-)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! I said I think I finally knew what you got...I never said its name so I'm going to see if others can guess from your pictures!
I must say you got a nice specimen! The little one I got from eBay is cute but nowhere near as large as yours.
Kemistry beat us to this plant last year (you can search on GW by the plants botanical name and see what he thinks about its scent). He got his from Gardino and said the scent reminds him of Asian tea (now I'm really giving the plant away! Laugh).
It needs heat and humidity to really smell strong. Some people say they can't smell anything. Let's hope that's not the case for us! :)


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Mike...is it Grand Duke of Tuscany??? A major guess. :)

Whatever, your plant is very handsome. Good size, deep green foliage. Toni

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O.M.G Even after someone has already guessed, we are still guessing? lol

Toni, you are a gem and keep me happy!

Robert, I must say that you are very good with your fragrants and identifying. Amazing!


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Mike, Good choice. The one you got is way bigger and more leaves than mine. Is there any flower buds on yet??

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see, I was gonna guess - plumeria. because she did get one of those recently.

but, I don't know why Mikey is shopping... didn't he just kill a whole buncha' plants cause he had no place to put them???

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Hi Annie! Yes, I think I see buds already! I am in heaven. Shoukd I take a pic so you can tell me? Oh, I can't wait for this one to bloom!

Robert, privately e-mail. Let me work something out to send you:-) You WON this contest.

Rosey, trust me when I tell you, I didn't kill any plants because I had no room? What I have never killed off any plumeria because of a lack of room, in fcat they require no room, except that is if you want to bring them into bloom by starting early and leafing them out.
I got tired of all the work to get them to bloom and the bugs associated with them. I never had enough HOT sun to do them justice and if I started them early in the spring, I was always scared to put them anywhere near my other plants because they would infect them with bad pests. In fact, one year, I had put them in my greenhouse, the only place for warmth, and they infected all my plants with Thrips, Spider mites, and other maggots all at once. Never again.

Now,if I can't put certain trouble plants in my grenhouse, or plant rooms and be safe, then I avoid certian ones. I do have just teh special ones given to me that sit on a heat mat under lights far away from the rest of my plants.
Now, I play it safe.:-)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks Mike but I must protest.
I originally guessed Tree Jasmine (Holarrhena pubescens) which OG says it is not and your pics definitely say I'm wrong.
Now I think I know what it is but I've never said thus giving others the chance to guess the correct 'jasmine'. Laugh.


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Oooppppppsss..loll I just got it! lol You made my night Robert..


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! I knew you'd get it eventually. ;)

So with all the clues given by you, OG and myself surely someone can correctly identify your new plant!
Someone, anyone?

I've read the flower scent has been compared to a fine cologne.
Can't wait for ours to bloom! :)


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maggots???? eeek! I'm so glad I don't have one of those plants!

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