How cold tolerant are sweet olive and camelia's outside?

meyermike_1micha(5)November 5, 2012

I was wondering if anyone else here grow Camelia and Sweet Olives in containers and has to winter them indoors?

How long do you wait before you bring them in?

I have understood that it's the cold that forces blooms on both, no?

My Camelia is starting to bud up and well as my Olive, but I am afraid to leave them out with temps reaching teh 30's and afraid to bring them in just to loose the buds.

What to do? Help ?


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The main reason you have to bring them in is because where you live it gets really cold for a long period of time.
When you repeatly get freezing temps at night, bring them in.
Camellias bud during the summer in the heat. By August, most camellias already have their buds for the following bloom season, and that depends on what kind of camellia you have.
There are camellias that were bred specially for cold temps they are the ice angles.
But I think zone 5 is pushing it.
I understand the frustration of having to bring them in, I have tropicals that I hate to bring in, but I do.
The best place for them is in a cool basement with a light scource, like some kind of a window.
I brought my sweet olive in when I used to live up north, it did fine and bloomed in the spring.
Some day when I save up the money I am definately getting a green house, then I won't have to worry.

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Hey Butterfly, so good to see you!:-)))

I am glad you are doing ok these days and back to posting. You were missed.

Do you think my Sweet Olive will be ok under a skylight in a very coold room? It won't get direct sunlight, maybe an hour of it, but it will be in a very bright room for what it's worth when it's sunny out.

As for teh Camelia, I will also put them in the same cool bright room, but do they need direct sun in a south facing window, or will they be ok away from a sunny window but it bright light?

Oh, a HUGE greenhouse sounds like a dream. I hope you getone someday. You should put in a request for Christmas!

Thanksd bunch Butterfly.


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