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ester1605October 23, 2005

After 5 months of sitting dead as a Dodo outside, in full sun, showing no sign of life -- and this is in southern France, where the temps are above 25 °C by May -- my Hedychium gardenarium has suddenly decided to sprout!

I don't know what to do with it now: winter can be harsh in Provence, with the thermometer dipping down to -10°C at times. Should I leave this sprouting ginger outside and just mulch it and pray? or dig it up (which may kill the growth) and repot it so that it can be inside over the winter?

Thanks for getting back to me -- Confused in Provence

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You want to dig it up before it gets frosted. You can put it in a pot. For next year, you might want to keep it in a black plastic pot which can absorp the heat to make it come out earlier.
It'll likely start to go dormant again with lower light levels inside. If it doesn't, just do what you can to encourage it, light, misting, maybe lightly on the fertilizer.

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