Orchids I saved! Does this atone for my sins? Look friends:-)

meyermike_1micha(5)November 13, 2012

Yes, friends!

Would you believe they were still selling them for 12.95 when I saw them today, so I mustered enough courage to ask for a discount and they only offered them to me for 9.99.

I again asked them for more discount, and gave them a price of 2.50 pointing out all the dead roots and telling them they wouldn't make it if they sat there for yet another day. They listened!

So here you go, step by step of what I did and I pray these poor little things make it. I figured it was time for me to atone for my sins, since I once again bought more plants on the weekend. Toni, it's all your fault.lol

This is what they are

Look at the sick dried out roots. And the salt damage!

So I soaked them in very warm water and yes, saw some live roots, although not much.

Got my mix ready consisting of fir bark, bark, and hydroton

Cut all the dead roots away

And potted them up

I hope they do ok, what do you think? Will they be ok and have I atoned for my sins?


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

You and OG are killing me! I totally paid the full price of $12.99 or whatever it was. I figured it was green and alive and it's supposed to smell good so I'm not taking my chances waiting around for the store to kill them. Laugh.
Congrats on all your new babies!
I've no doubt you'll make them bloom.
If they do I hope you remember which varieties you have so we'll know what to buy! :)


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Wow, Mike... why don't they sell orchids like this in my area? Now, that's a price I might be able to afford, and though it takes patience and a little work to rescue a clearance item like that, the end results can be so worth the effort! Great rescue, great price haggling, and I sure wish they'd sell orchids like that around here!

I'm sure the orchid world has different products... actually Physan comes to mind, though I'm not sure that's the right product for the application... but in the bulb world, we use a product called Captan by Bonide when we do any work cutting away root area that might rot, and that sort of thing. It's an anti-fungal that helps eliminate problems from starting once you cut away dead or rotting roots, rotting bulb flesh, or there are any cuts or open wounds on the bulb. It's a powder, and I use a small kid's paintbrush to apply a little where needed. In case you don't keep a chemical anti-fungal around, cinnamon works as a natural anti-fungal and can be used in the same way.

However, I have every confidence that if anyone can save those plants, you can! As you know, I'm not a believer in green thumbs... I know that the key is applied knowledge. But in your case, I'd say you have that "green thumb"! :-)

Excellent project, Mike! I wish you the best of luck with your new plants, hoping they decide to grow new roots and are eventually brought to flower!

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Mike...my fault? lol. It's your fault I sinned last weekend.

I never saw Orchids in plastic bags before..Bulbs and corms, yes, but not Orchids.
Where do you find rarieties and why are they not sold in IL?

Mike, when did you purchase Orchids in bags, and how long did it take before you saw green?

Fantastic..All for 2.50! How could you go wrong? Even if they failed, which they didn't, you'd only be out a few dollars.

Mike, what are the 4" or so black sticks?
Is one Hydroton brand better than another? Or does it not matter?
I was going to buy a bag on Amazon, but didn't know which to choose..planned on potting a couple succulents in these balls, as an experiment.

Will the flowers be fragrant? I don't know much about Orchids..which are fragrant, etc. I'd like to get one w/scented blooms..in the future.

Anyway, it's my fault...I am to blame for everything. lol.

Beautiful growing, Mike... Toni

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Yes, Toni... I haven't done anything wrong recently - but I'll remember you already confessed to being the root of all the blame ...

for me, I admit to doing no wrong, cause I'm perfect. :)

and, if you have enough positive affirmation - then ya can do no wrong. ;)

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Mike... I think like every other addiction - there's a 8? step program that will help you kick the habit.

1) admit you have a problem. (do you? ... )
2) admit this problem has hurt you, others, or your relationships.
3) apologize to the people you've hurt because of this addiction. (sorry I bought so many plants that I took up your favorite space in the sunniest window, cat....)
4) atone ... (Cat - not only will I give away that plant that's in your favorite space... I'll plant some cat grass in a few other spots around the house so you have plenty to nibble without me giving you dirty stares when you do it.)
5) stop the addictive behavior (ie - no more shopping for your 'drug', even when your 'drug' seems like a totally great deal... )
6) give away your 'addictive substance' ... anyone want any newly planted orchids? :)
7) I'm winging this because I've never been an addict... and I don't have a problem... is an excuse - you can't be an addict in one breath, and fine in another. (see rule #1)
8) Realize you won't be cured overnight, you will always be an addict.

Mikey, I'm just trying to help. :D

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

OMG Mike.. I saw your African gardenia pics in the other forum and now I want one. Lol. Some ppl say it smells funny, what's the scent like for you?

My first attempt at growing orchid was a failure. I want to try it again next year. What's the benefit of hydroton?

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Oh my goodness! Hello everyone!

So sorry I was delayed:-(. It's been a rough week and thank goodness for you all here and my plants, or I would of slitted my throat. Life stinks at times, but then there is always good things to think of once you get through all the fog and see clrearly again:-0)

Kemistry: That is the one scent that I could never explain! There is nothing quite like it and that is why I bought two. I actually use to get them at Logee's and would loose them constantly to disease. But I managed to talk my this nursery into selling unusual stuff and he has managed to pull it off. He is expanding to better things that can only be baought there and his way of thanking me was to give me them:-)
If you should ever want one, let me know and I can either get you one or start cuttings. They are sooo easy to root!

Rosey, like giving up cigarrettes for some people, those methods won't work for me..lol
The only thing that will stop me from wanting to aquire any more is to feel overwhelmed with bugs, and thank goodness I think I know how to avoid them babies! Disease, another issue. I know not to get too much so that there is no room for them to breathe, let alone get light.lol
I will always have a soft spot for weak and abused plants.

Toni, YES, your fault. Remember when we talked and you said you sinned again? Well, I ran to Lowes that night and wondered if I might find something out of the ordinary, and I did. In fact, I blame Annie too..lol
It was her that found some just like mine and encouraged me to get a good deal like she had. I even showed the store her post on getting the same plants for 2:50 and it worked.lol

The blad stick I break into very small pieces. It's tree fern and the Hydroton is used for air space. It's great stuff.
I can water my orchids all I want without fear of rot.

Heck, I'll bet if you started a thread on your own about the new bunch of plants or sins that you have done, everyone will balme you too..lololol

Hoping everyone is safe and happy tonight!


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Now Jodik! I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to see you stopped by. I thank you so much for your vote of confidence and your kind words as well as everyone ele's!

You know, once the spring comes, I can pull a couple of the same orchids I have toether and send you one or two. I have doubles and triples of many to cover myself in case I lost any. Well, apparently, it seems that I have mamaged to keep teh thriving and I had no idea I could. Now many are blooming with surprises. I will post pics when they do and I hope everyone wants to see them:-)

Thank you for the idea on anti-fungal stuff. I took tehm back out and use what you told me to use. They seem to be doing VERY good and I appreciate that. Now, if we could find you a solution to those dang flies that eat your bulbs. I feel so bad for you loosing that Minerva:-(

Robert..Trust me, you kill me too every time I see any of your plants! Anytime I see one you have that I do not, well, guess what I do? lol

Have you ever tried the 'Orchids' called ' Cybidiums?...?/

Now, that is my new SIN if it may be. I just spent almost 15o dollars of which I did not have on them. What's wrong with that picture?lol

You impress me buddy with all your plants!
Thanks too for your vote of confidence. Sometimes I feel it's just all do to luck, until I read what you all have to say:-)

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OMG, I just discovered a real bargain hunter here... the masters can always get what them wanted... LOL Congrats for the sin... Mike, when yours and mine all grow large enough to be divided, we can organize a orchids swap...

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Thanks Mike! I'll bug you for some cuttings comes Spring. I don't want to waste them now that the weather is getting colder and cuttings don't usually root for me during this time of the year. :o)

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OOOOHHHH, Olympia, or should I say mt dear Annie, where have you been? lol
Yup, I think I can do this! So far they seem very happy in very warm and humid conditions! It's funny, these things grow thousands of feet high on the side of mountains in Hawaii where it can get very chilly, down into teh 40's and very warm by day and they THRIVE! These are a hardy species of orchids for sure.

Kemistry, it would be no issue at all to start cuttings for you while at the same time I do for Annie! The last time I tried, poor Annies got ruined by some animal. Next time, I shall have to protect them!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

WOoh, cool, thanks Mike! : ) I'll root a Chloranthus for you. It smells like the Aglaia odorata plant. You'll love it!

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Mike, I thought I was safe from those nasty NBF bugs by keeping most everything indoors... but they managed to find a way in... either piggybacking on another bulb, or through a window, or somehow... I'm not really sure. But I just finished applying a good systemic to everything growing inside, as well as all the items that go out every year. I should be covered now.

You're so generous, I can't even begin to thank you proper for your gift. I'd be including smiley faces everywhere, but my keyboard is dying a slow death, and some keys aren't working!

I've been debating whether or not to disturb my Den and the one other orchid I have to re-pot them... dare I do it now, or do I wait, and hope they make it to spring? I've got them in grittier renditions of the gritty mix, but I can see the fir bark breaking down around the Den. I do have hydroton, but not tree fern... I wonder if I could substitute fir bark for tree fern, and just do it now? Hmmm... I also have long strand moss that could be cut up, too... and coarse perlite.

I need to email you, anyway... I'll think more on the re-potting... I want to get it over with, but I don't want to harm the orchids.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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