Ginger indoors?

greenlarry(UK 8/9)October 11, 2012

Hi all

I tried growing a piece of rhizome years ago but I was in a tiny appartment back then and it never happened, but Id like to try again in my house. Im in england so cant plant them outdoors, but Im worried that the plants get quite large! Is ginger as a houseplant a viable option?

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Gingers come in all sizes so you'd be able to find one to suit. The one used in cooking is a reasonably small size. Cornukaempferia, Globba are also reasonable. It's a big family of plants and there are quite a few dwarf varieties. But whatever you do, don't get the Torch Gingers, Etlingera species, or some of the Alpinias.

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This is a picture of my eating ginger and it has taken it 3 years to fill this huge pot. Great for indoors but may still go dormant in winter. I simply buy eating ginger at the store and bring it home plant it in a container and cheapest way. Make sure it has lots or at least 4 eyes or light spots where it will grow from. A bright window difused light should work well and just practice. You might want to google how to grow gingers, ect. lots of spots to help you. Just keep changing the wording of what you want to find out till you get a site that answers it like you want. Happy growing.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thanks guys. That pic looks like how the ginger I grew was shaping up. It was a fast grower before it got out of hand!

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