'First Prize' Rose, very big petals

musaboru(Inland Calif.)November 25, 2010

Hi everyone!

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I'm at my friend's house and searching around her yard for flowers to cut. Found such an amazing rose with the biggest petals. I couldn't believe it, especially since I know this plant was not cared for at all. She is not a gardener and did not water it at all. Imagine if it was cared for more how much better the flower might possibly be.

It has a good and mild rose fragrance. Reminds me of a magnolia flower with the big floppy petals and pink stamens.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

bump down

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very beautiful, and if it carefree, even more better. It does look like a magnolia flower.

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I have this rose. It's a Hybrid Tea with a huge flower, and if happy the flowers have a wonderful, classic, high-centered form. If happy, the bushes are vigorous and grow upright (rather than sprawling); and the stem are a respectable length.

It unfurls reliably, even in cool climates like mine. I used to have it planted within 10 feet of my garden gate and when a first-time visitor would enter the garden, she would exclaim with joy, run to it, and bury her face in one of the huge blooms, then look up at me with confusion and disappointment! Alas, fragrance is non-existent. I would say, come smell this other rose (Blue Nile) and then with a deep sniff, the face would light up again.

A beautiful rose, but you can learn from my experience, and avoid planting it close to the entrance of your garden. This little drama played out again and again. First Prize is big enough to be noticed planted a bit further back.

BTW, this is the time to order your roses, but be skeptical of sellers' claims of high fragrance.


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Greetings Roze...
Thanks for the suggestion.
I think I got bit by the rose bug now. I got a couple of roses last week and will probably end up with a lot more next year lol.

I found out roses can have some very interesting fragrance.

One I found called 'Windermere' has a smell that is like ginger and lemon grass, or something like a citronella plant. Beautiful flower form too...so different from the usual roses I see. It's almost like a peony.

And also Fragrant Plum, has a very strong and delicious fruity fragrance. I'm not really one for purple flowers, but the scent was too much to pass.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

The old rose fragrance is still my favorite rose scent. But i also like some of the hyrid tea's, especially the ones that smell like lychee jelly. :)

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Hi Kemistry,
You nailed it! Lychee jelly is a great descriptor. That's exactly what some roses smell like to me.

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Yer welcome, musaboru. Smelling roses is one of my favorite pastimes. It's fun and interesting to try to describe the scent. And amusing to read others descriptions (often composed by writers who obviously have little real interest or experience with roses).

I would love to read a list of rose fragrance descriptions composed by those who have really thought it out, experienced, took notes, compared roses. It's not as if you can record a scent like a sound or a picture. When technology gets there, SMELLAVISION!

So misinformation abounds, promoted in part by those selling roses, and those pretending to knowledge in order to sell books and articles. (I agree that Lychee Jelly is a great descriptor. I love Lychee fruit and often think it smells like roses, or maybe freesia. But then I believe there are some rose scents reminiscent of freesia. Come on, my brain, which roses are those? Maybe the floribunda named Friesia. I'm pretty sure there are others).

I would (not having one to smell at the moment) describe most lavender roses as having scents that are a combination of fruity and tea scents, generalizing. That's just off the top of my head. Some lean more to the fruity and others to the tea.

Musaboru, if you're new to rose growing and love scented roses, consider Double Delight, very fragrant, vigorous and almost constantly in bloom. Easy to grow, it's at the top of most favorite roses lists, such as hmf. It has a scent that I would describe, generally, (again not having one to smell at the moment), spicy. Although I just read an article on Martha Stewart's website that described it as lemon-scented. HUH?

I do love the fruity-scented roses, and the elusive myrrh.

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