Pics, Pics, and More Pics

vroomp(z7Ga)May 24, 2010

First off, GGG, the Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus you gave to me is rockin' this spring with 5 blooms! It stayed outside all winter this past year.

It definitely sets off this bowl of succulents, sedums and cacti. The Mexican Grass came from last year's trade and is doing well too.

Pam, your Lizard's Tail should look like this by now.

Lucy wanted to see what Creeping Jenny looks like blooming so, here ya go.

Combined with Sedum it gives me running fields of yellow in the spring and works as well as mulch for retaining moisture.

Flame Azeleas
And Torenia are all blooming well right now.

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That post was pure pleasure to view.

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pam_3(GA 7b) lizard's tail isn't blooming, yet, but looks very happy. Can't wait for it to bloom.

Love that cactus!

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OH MY! vroomp,
You just made my wish list grow. That cactus from GGG, how long did that take to establish and bloom? WHAT exactly is the lizard's tail, it resemble the goose neck loosestrife? I love and miss my creeping Jenny, it is a great living mulch, I had it in sun and shade in IL, does it take any amount of sun very well here? Is the Flame Azalea blooming now, gotta have one(never had any), exactly what situation do you have it in, is it self cleaning, or do you have to deadhead it? The yellow yarrow, is that a very close up, and which one is it? I have always had some and Tansy too, they look and smell very similar. The yarrow forms a tight head of tiny flowers ( that resemble a brain), and the Tansy has small tight button like flowers, similar to your photo, that's why I ask if it's close up? Thanks for the eye candy!
You need to give us a garden photography class, please.
How's that little butterfly bush? I see it went to a good home, I think it's pink delight, but could be black knight, it's a grand baby or great grand baby.

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You know, I have no idea when I got that cactus but, I pretty am sure it was at the last trade that GGG hosted which, I believe was in 2007. It was so small, I was afraid to leave it outside for winter the first two years so it sat in the greenhouse. Last year I left it, in the pot you see, with a couple other plants to test their hardiness. Those that survived the cold and rain got good marks and are allowed to remain in my collection. I am tired of transplanting so many marginal and sub-tropicals each year and have decided to reduce my inventory to more hardy specimens.

That Lizard's Tail(Saururus cernuus)is a naturally occuring(in the southeast) wetlands plant and considered to be invasive in certain areas although, quite easily managed in one's garden. It has taken four years to create a small stand of a dozen or so plants from a single plant. Not what I would call aggressive.

Crepping Jenny does fine in our full sun and 90°+ temps. I water a lot so, I don't notice much wilting in the afternoon.

The Flame Azelea is a "Rescued Plant" from a construction site on top of Burnt Mountain in Jasper, Ga. Several color variations grow wild there. It blooms well for a few weeks and then fades. The blooms fall of as they mature. I have it planted under the canopy of a large Red Oak in almost pure compost mixed with masonry sand.

The Yarrow is a super close up. The camera lens was maybe four inches from the plant which, gives a deceptive appearance to the size of the flowers. I like the close ups because you see more of the structure of the flower, like the wishbone stamens in the Torenias which are commonly named 'Wishbone Flower' for this reason. I have all three colors of Yarrow together in one location.

The Torenia have become one of my favorite annuals because they tolerate a good deal of shade but, can take full sun in pots as long as they remain somewhat moist(but more tolerant then Begonias and Impatiens). I am currently looking for the white variety in stores to fil in a dark area in a mostly shaded spot that only sees the sun after 5:00.

Your Butterfly 'bushlet' is taking a rest in the greenhouse awaiting for a spot to be determined. I don't like transplanting some items from trades imediantly that look like stress could do them in. It has been too hot and I am going on vacation for a week and can't depend on it being left on it's own. Also, I am wary to put it too close to the 'Honycomb' Buddleia since, it is now about 5 feet across and 7 feet tall, and must choose wisely where it will have the room it will eventually require. I want the two close but, not intertwined and plan to use them as screening from neighbors.
Hope that answers ALL of you questions.

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Hey! I'm pretty sure that the Mexican Ponytail Grass was one of my contributions last year! So glad to see someone is enjoying it.

I've actually never seen Creeping Jenny bloom before. It never does in my yard; although it's never bothered be honest, I didn't know it was supposed to! Hahaha!

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Never heard of a Torenia but I love it! Thanks for posting those pics I love seeing other people's gardens and "borrowing" their ideas. Being a new gardner I love learning about new plants.

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I love the red/pink yarrow....even humble yarrow looks great in (these) photographs. I wish I could have come to the plant swap but had nothing to give or bring.

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