Newer Gardenias for zone 6?

bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)November 19, 2009

This past spring I bought a Gardenia "Frost Proof" which is listed as hardy to zone 6 and planted it out against a south-facing wall. It's done very well and I will give it a little protection soon. We haven't had any freezes here yet and none in sight for the next 10 days so far. I have also just heard of one called "Diamond's Fragrant Delight" which is also listed as hardy in zone 6. Has anyone grown either of these varieties in zone 6? I would like to hear of any successes, or failures.

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I gave Kleim's Hardy a try a couple years back -- it was in a container in z7, in a protected location, and I think it was not cold temps alone that killed it, but drainage: wet soil and the early spring freezing-and-thawing cycle is what's hardest on gardenias, IMHO.

There are a lot of "hardy" cultivars out there, most just mean they're cuttings of a plant that has survived a certain number of winters in a certain location -- it's not that I don't think there are gardenias capable of surviving in z6, it's just I think location and care have a whole lot to do with the equation. So I think it's worth a try, but make sure you take extra care with 'em in terms of siting and the first couple of years in the ground!


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Hi Jim. I have heard of Kleim's Hardy, Grif's Select and others for several years now, and they have never been sold as being hardy in zone 6 (unless some dishonest vendors have tried to push it). But the two newer kinds that I mentioned are listed as hardy in zone 6. They are definitely not just cuttings of another kind, since the foliage and flowers are distinctly different. Since they are recent introductions, I don't think anyone will have much experience to share for now. Maybe next year.

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I live in East Tennessee, zone 6b/7a. I ordered 'Frost Proof' two years ago and it has been hit hard both winters. I truly expect it to die fully this winter as there is hardly anything left of it. As far as exposure, I have it planted next to my 'Mystery' gardenia which is almost 8' tall by now. Two others that do well for me are 'Daisy' and 'Chuck Hayes'. One I'm interested in trying is 'Madga' but I have over 500 gardenia seedlings so after the failure of 'Frost Proof' I have little justification to try yet another gardenia that may or may not be truly cold hardy.

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My poor 'Frost Proof' gardenia. Started out almost 2' around. Will probably die this winter. Of course one possibility is that it was not true to name and was another variety.

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why would 'frost proof' not overwinter in tennessee while 'mystery' is an 8'-shrub? i lost one of my 'mystery' shrubs many years ago during an extended cold spell and i am in zone 8. figured it would be more tender than a cold-hardy variety.

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I could not tell you. I do know I went through several different varieties of gardenias before I found Mystery. I planted 'Frost Proof' several feet away and to the east of 'Mystery' making sure they both had the same southerly exposure.

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My 'Frostproof' has smaller leaves than yours; perhaps it's not true to name as you suspect.

My 'August Beauty,' listed as hardy to 8A, is fine here in 7B, while my 'Klein's Hardy' has been hit hard by our cold temps lately. Who can tell with gardenias? =)

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I planted a Frostproof gardenia last summer (from Logees) and it seems to have survived a couple of snowstorms fully intact.

If it blooms will be another matter.....

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My frostproof survived but I wasn't sure how well; it's now looking like it's going to branch out pretty vigorously!

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I also planted frostproof gardenias last summer. Both have survived without any protection. Only damage they have is a couple broken branches from the heavy snow this winter. They are both growing out like crazy. Cant wait for them to bloom.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

My Kleim's Hardy is alive for two years here but it looks like carp and has never bloomed as well as I know they can. Have it against southern facing concrete stoop but with late afternoon shade. It is barely hanging on.

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wynswrld98(z7 WA)

I planted Kleim's "Hardy" a few different times, none of them survived the winters here in zone 7.

I have Frost Proofs planted that I planted last summer, looked fine until late winter when they all have a brown tinge to them, haven't dropped leaves but look like they're all in the process of dying. We had temps hit 8 degrees here this winter though, perhaps too much for them.

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ermazi(z6, NJ.)

I planted one Frost Proof last year in late spring, it was not too late that the plant have enough time to show a few flowers in summer late.

Then is the winter. And this spring I am glad to see the plant is still health. Its leaves are almost not damaged at all. Now, there are a lot buds on it.

Though last winter is long it is not very cold, the plant servives one year does not mean it can alway do well on my 6a/6b zone. Let's what happen next year.

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