Please help ID

junglegal(10a)October 28, 2006

I picked this up from our downtown saturday market and the seller could not ID for me. He thought it put off a flower similar to shampoo ginger. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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orchidboy01(9b Orlando area)

What a nice plant! You have a Zingiber. Not sure what species or hybrid it is? Could be Zingiber malaysianum "Midnight" If it is that it will be evergreen in your zone. Flowers are borne from the ground and are pink. gets about 3 feet and takes part sun. Hope i'm right. Take care Rob

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chena(z8 Texas)

I don't know what it is but it is beautiful... I wish they had markets like that here..LOL

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orchidboy01(9b Orlando area)

Hey junglegal. I was looking over the stokes catalog and to me it looks mor like Zingiber vinosum. Glen stokes says it gets 4-6feet tall and goes dormant in the fall. Can be grown either in full or part sun. No mention of flower color but am guessing pink and born from the ground. Hope this helps. Rob

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surfbreeze(9 TX)

Hi Junglegal -
This is the same plant I found (see link for previous post). My pot was marked 'alpinia' with nothing else. I posted a followup to my original post with a link to a previous discussion on a similar plant. These are apparently making their rounds. I live south of Galveston and found these marked half price at Walmart, as they are space for Christmas decorations. I have Midnight, which is mentioned in your thread which is quite a bit darker.

Here is a link that might be useful: previous post

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Thanks everyone, I have an ID of Zingiber vinosum. According to gingers R us, this ginger does not go dormant. I was told the same thing by the seller as well.


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surfbreeze(9 TX)

After a google search that is definitely it! Thanks JG! though I suspect it will surely go dormant here in gulf coast Texas (zone 9)it is great to hear it is cold hardy. My shampoo ginger usually tends to goes dormant here.

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