Upright Jasmine?

greenpointmary(6 or 7)November 18, 2009

I just saw this plant in a 4" pot called "Upright Jasmine" at the grocery. What variety could it be? No latin name could be found, and the scent was a classic jasmine scent, not like the angel wing jasmine I have. I resisted buying it, boy was it hard!

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Hi there,

We would love to help you identify your jasmine, but it will be really hard to do so without a picture. Do you think you can take a photo of it and post it here? :-)

Good luck,

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greenpointmary(6 or 7)

Hello! I actually figured it out by looking at pictures online. It's poet's jasmine. I ended up purchasing it, I just could not resist. I did find that it is actually five tall plants in a small pot together, so that it would appear fuller. After it blooms, can I cut the plants way back, and separate them into their own pots? Or is that too shocking? Each plant now is a gangly 18".

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Hi Green. Your Poet Jasmine, 'Jasminum Officinale,' starts vining after a certain height. It needs a stake or trellis so it won't look scraggly.
Does it have, fragrant, 4-5 lobed, white, tubular flowers approximately 3" long? It sounds beautiful..

Dividing could cause some shock, but if you're careful, cut into roots without causing too much damage, you'll probably be successful.

Of course it's a matter of taste, but I prefer a fuller look, so instead of dividing, I prefer adding two or more plants to a pot.
If your Jasmine is a deciduous type, you won't have to worry about cutting back..Leaves drop automatically.
Although if you decide to cut back, wait until days lengthen. End of Feb and later. Plus, you can try rooting the cuttings, but it's not a definate thing. Jasmines aren't the easiest plants to root.

When you say gangly, do you mean foliage is sparse or something else? It's natural for deciduous planss. Do you hae a picture? Toni

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