New Ginger 'Tahitian Flame'

katie_55October 14, 2008

I just got a Tahitian Flame today. Not in the greatest shape. A lot of brown leaves. I plan on repotting it into a larger container, should I cut back the brown leaves or wait till spring to do that. If I cut it back it would leave it with no leaves.

Thanks for any help.


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bihai(zone 9)

I am assuming you have grown other Hedychium gingers in zone 5a? Are you growing these as houseplants, in a greenhouse...?

Hedychiums don't normally go dormant unless they die back from freezing (like they can here in winter...but they come right back when it warms up). But in your case, with the daylength getting so short as it is now, your plant's growth is going to be slower than if it were Spring or SUmmer.

The leaves may be all brown for a variety of reasons...if those stalks already bloomed, then they are finished completely, and need to be totally removed anyway.

If they got sunburned, and were unbloomed stalks, well, they are not going to grow back.

If the plant was just generally neglected and started to wane, repotting might help, you need to take a look at the rhizomes and make certain they are healthy, but with the coming of winter pretty soon, my bet is you aren;t going to see any major new growth anyway.

I have this ginger, its really pretty.

If it were me, I would just repot it and leave it alone.

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Thank you Bihai,
I think the brown on mine might be coming from the cold weather. We had a slight frost while back and some pretty cold nights now.
The leaves all have brown on them, no flowers stalks at all. Maybe to short of a growing season here in northern IL.

I am not familiar with Gingers. This was a rescue before it went to the compost pile at work.
When do they bloom for you?

I will repot and wait till spring to do any trimming.

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