Best clothesline or outside dryers?

papercameraMarch 10, 2008

Hi- I'm looking into buying an outside dryer or clothesline for hanging up clothes. I have a small yard and really am liking the parallel dryers, umbrella dryers, and the sunline retractable dryers being sold. I'm not sold on any one type, so that's why I need your help!

Can anyone give me some tips- brands to avoid, brands to look for, systems or types of dryers that work great, others that are a joke?

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

I would like to help but my clotheslines have always been a rope tied between two trees. I wonder how many people buy commercially-made clotheslines/dryers?

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I have two metal T-shaped poles with heavy gauge wire for the lines. I like the wire. I've made lines out of heavy twine, thin rope, etc., and they always stretch out a lot. In the long run they end up hanging really low, too low. The wire only stretches a little bit. One can use a section of clothespin, or a clothespeg, as a key to wind the wire tighter.

My mom had one of those "umbrella" shaped lines, when I was a kid. I think she liked it. I think those actually require a bit more room than the old fashioned T-poles.


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have a microspcopic back garden and use a retractable clothes line that winds itself back into a cassette on the wall. All you need is a hook on the opposite wall. When you want to hang up your wash you just pull out the line and hook it up. When it's not in use it disappears back into its container and you wouldn't know it was there.

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I just did a post on my blog about clothes line drying and the link to Amazon where it was ordered. I think it was about $40 with about $15 shipping. But the cost will quickly be made up in the amount you will be saving on your electric bill. Not to mention the benefits to the earth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Line Drying

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The best clothesline by far is the Hills clothesline.
They have several different lines that they offer. And they are made so well. You won't be wasting your money on buying something that needs to be replaced all the time. These lines will last through the years. And I think they look great. They spin and so your clothes dry faster. I love it.
You can get them at

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Question and or comment.
Outdoor clotheslines and HOA?
with so many restriction in
communities today and the restriction
of outdoor clothes drying how are those
of you in this sitution dealing with this.
Should HOA be looked at as far as how green
they are?,instead of vast lawns should there be
more natural areas?
Just a throught.


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I was going to suggest the Hills brand but wasnt sure if it was sold in the US. they are an Australian brand and have been making clotheslines forever and they are excellent quality. Every backyard across Australia has had a Hills clothesline at some stage and most still do.

many years ago they only made the standard umbrella shaped ones which were fixed in the ground but they make so many different types now. They make umbrella shaped ones which lift up out of a socket in the ground to put them away (Foldaline), they also make Paralines which are smaller rectangle shaped that attach to a wall and can be folded down if necessary, you can also buy them in a freestanding design if you dont have a wall to attach to. There is also the Extendaline which is like a small box that sits on the wall and is pulled out and attached to a post at the other end, and you just unhook it and let it retract back into the box when you want.

Before you buy any clothesline though, figure out where you are going to put it and how big it needs to be (how much washing do you hang out at once etc) and then buy the type that suits the situation. I have a Paraline which much be 20 years old now, and also and extendaline inside in my back room which must be 10 years old. the hills brand really do last so they are a safe bet. There was a cheap brand umbrella type line when we bought this house and seriously it bent over in a storm :)

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The restrictions on clotheslines put into effect by HOAs are being over thrown in many areas.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

we are very interested and talked about using outdoor drying lines especially for hubby's heavy work pants and bed linnens. One question if anyone had to deal with this -- I have two dogs, we live in the deep woods, they are free -- no leashes, no fences -- to run around all day, plus sometimes neighbors dogs come by. What do you do? I can't put the lines too high where I can't get easily to them, so what to do?

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Have you thought about a pully system
One pully at the house porch ,high enough
off the ground from the dogs and the other pully
attached to a tree.this way you pin your laundry
send it on its way .


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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

blueangel -- great idea, but not for me -- the way the house/porch is situated -- the only streight shot to the trees would go through garage/parking/driveway area

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carolsun(z9 northbay)

Has anyone tried putting an umbrella-style laundry pole in their patio umbrella stand? Our stand has a 50 lb. weight to keep it stable; could it support a clothesline of this type? It would make good use of our small space and allow us to put the laundry pole away between weekly laundry loads.

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Excellent idea!!! I have no idea the answer but that would work great for me also. Does anyone know?

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

carolsun, good question. I was looking into an umbrella-type line, but I wanted to use it on my patio (lots of sun and very hot! Not to mention more convenient) but I haven't been able to find something that is free-standing or comes with that kind of base. I don't have a patio umbrella, but if it would work for the clothesline too (although I have doubts - wet clothes get awfully heavy, no?) I would buy a patio umbrella and get double-duty out of the base.


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I'm looking for a clothesline, too.

My trees are situated too close to the house to use them, and even if they were further away, the branches are all wrong for using them to support a line... pin oak and maple... nothing would ever get dry cuz the branches reach out so far, and everything would be coated in bugs, tree debris, and bird poop. :( No thanks.

I'm looking at the heavy duty T-post from

Here is a link that might be useful: The Clothesline Shop

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glad2garden(5, Chicopee, Mass)

jollyrd, your post about your dogs reminds me of a dog we used to have. She would bring home jeans that she would pull off the neighbors clothes lines. I would come home and find so many pairs of jeans in the back yard! Pretty funny at the time. I feel kind of guilty now that I didn't go around the neighbors to find the owners. Oh well, that's yesterday's news.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

glad2garden - I hear you! I am not so worried about the smaller dog, but my mix german shepperd is a gift-giving one and everything ends up on the front lawn. His most recent gift to us was a used baby diaper ripped into pieces -- no, we don't have any kids, so that means some neighbor did not secure the trash or some passerby threw it out a car window!!?? I will not list other items since I don't want any neighbor come to complain, I used to go around and ask for forgiveness but that is too hard on me.

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baldocchi(Z9 CA)

I've been using a clothesline for years now but I need to replace the cotton line I've been using. I bought some "clothesline" at the local hardware store but find that it won't support my antique linen sheets. Those babies are really heavy when wet (and that's after having been spun in the front-loader Miele washer!!) Even with a couple of line spreaders, the line sags too far down. So I need a sturdier clothesline. Any suggestions or should I just go back to a heavy-duty cotton line like I had before?

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I like the Sunshine Clothes Dryer by G&G Industries. I have the smaller umbrella clothesline. It fits perfect in the corner of my yard. It is easy to take down and store when you need the yard space back!

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If you can't put the pole in the ground full time you might consider setting a pole slightly bigger than the one on you umbrella type clothesline into a five gallon bucket and filling it with cement. It will be heavy but can be rolled out of the way when not in use.

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I have a Breezecatcher clothesline, they call it the Montana clothesline because it was designed to withstand the strong winds in that state. This dryer is the strongest I have ever seen, myself and my husband are very impressed with it and how well it preforms.

Here is a link that might be useful: If you seriously want the best outdoor clothesline check this out

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I use nylon trot line tied between two posts on my front porch and also on my back porch, so depending on the time of the year and which direction the breeze is coming from, I can hang them in front or in the back, also without being in the direct sunlight. The string has been there for 15+ years now and has never broken.


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