What evergreens do well in your zone 6 and above garden

opnjmprsJuly 19, 2014

I'm always curious about what evergreens do well in my zone and farther north. I have quite a few that do very well for me, and I live about 15 miles north of the city of Pittsburgh. I would like to know what others have successfully grown. Granted that here the bud counts are never as high as in the south, but still some have performed admirably. Below are some of mine.

Bella Sera ( has been here for years and always comes through)
Spanish Fiesta ( does fantastic)
Jennifer Trimmer
Dr. Jerrold Corbett
Butch and Barbara's Cracked Eggs (has the biggest edge of any daylily I grow, and manages to get itself open on cool mornings)
Carol Todd
God Save The Queen
Angel's Gather Around (fantastic performer here)
Noonday Dreams
Ice Cream Emperor
Danny Steve Mitchell
Red Friday
Paula Nettles
Bitten Ag'in
Nancy's Quilt
Going Green
Frank's Adorable Candy
Picture In Picture
George Washington
Queen's Circle
No Greater Love
Eyes Right Jones
Temptation Eyes
Cerise Beauty
Roses And Gold
Orange City

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Gosh, I sure wish I hadn't looked at that list. Now I'm forced to go shopping.

I don't have very many evergreens, but most of them do very, very well; a few do OK.

Exceptionally wonderful grower here is BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE (Morss 08). I don't know whether one would call its rate of increase good, bad, or indifferent, but it always flowers well, and it's made a really lovely clump. (Got it in its intro year.) But note: it's next to a very large stone patio. Maybe that has helped.

Another of Mort's that does well, and that I love to pieces is BEYOND THE SKY (another 08).

GET JIGGY (Stamile 08), except for its FFO, shows a really nice pattern for me. Usually looks very patterned in fact. Not this year, however; it's been far too cool.

STANDING ON THE PROMISE (Carpenter 09), I can't say it's especially vigorous, but I do get blooms every year. It's also near the stone patio, and in front of a stucco house wall, ie, sheltered.

PRECIOUS CANDY (Stamile 06) veryslow to increase, few buds on invisible branching. Every time I threaten to give it to someone who can grow it well, it puts out a bloom that looks almost just like Floyd Cove's images. It's sheltered by a stucco wall and stone patio. Clearly isn't ecstatic about its zone 6 home.

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Thanks for replying lynxe.....I have a very large clump of Get Jiggy, but I really don't much care for it as I have never seen any pattern in the eye. But it has been quite the increaser.... lol.


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These lists can be very misleading, as a number of factors can make a difference within zones, such as consistent snow cover, sheltered locations, mulching, first winter after planting, etc. Remember too that Zone 6 covers a large area; not all zone 6 is equal.

Just looking at your list, I have lost Bella Serra, Cerise Masterpiece has done nothing, Ice Cream Emperor is pathetic, and Carol Todd and Jennifer Trimmer are struggling. And I actually live a bit south of you. So while such lists are interesting and can be useful, viewers should beware.

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From your list I only have Red Friday, and it's doing fine. My SIL has Nancy's Quilt and it is also ok. I don't have many EVs, and right now I don't remember who is who. Besides I suspect they change their habits here.
I'd say overall they are not doing great here, but of the once I remember - oldie Sherry Lane Carr is great, Berry Delicious exceeded my expectations, Undercurrent is very good, and Quiet Reflections is good too. That's all I can remember without my list.
I can also think of at least three that grow and increase well, bc is ok, but they don't open all the way :s

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sherrygirl zone5

An oldie but a goodie, my Mary Todd's are always spectacular. I always have at least 6 weeks of blooms every year. They are taller than the specs.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Lynxe ~ looked up Beyond the Sky since I love lavender. These photos look almost pink to me. Are yours this color? TIA

Here is a link that might be useful: Beyond the Sky

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wild horses by trimmer - the band played on @ violet etchings both by stamile are the only ones off the top of my head that are doing good here in northern IL. carol todd not so good plus some others - i have now quit buying evergreens

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I'm not by any means trying to convince anyone in my zone or farther north to purchase evergreens. For the most part (here in my location) the ones I have in my beds have done pretty well. I won't go so far as to say they do better than plants that were hybridized for the northern zones, and I know that the bud counts here are somewhat less than their stats when grown in the south. Two of my best performing seedlings (now 4 yrs. growing) come from crosses where both parents are evergreens, and two other very good ones have one evergreen parent. I haven't mulched my beds in years......which is likely why I'm constantly at war with the weeds. I did add a bunch of new evergreens to the beds this year, and will likely mulch those to help get them through their first winter here. How many will make it, and hopefully go on to do well......only time will tell.


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My three favorites are all evergreen: Dragon King, Awesome Candy, and Celebration of Angels.

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I'm glad you posted this. It's great information to have.

The evergreens that do best here are:



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Thanks for your lists everyone. I will look into getting Sherry Lane Carr. Wispy Rays and Raspberry Flambe are two more I will try to acquire, I used to grow Inherited Wealth, Etosha Flame, and Queen's Cape......the Munson's always performed very well here, and now I wish I'd kept them. I have The Band Played On, and it had a lot of lovely blooms on it this year. Will also see if I can get Worth It All and Sculpted Seashells.

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Julia NY(6)


I have plenty more that are registered as EV but all of them act like SEV's in my garden.


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iris gal, mine usually is much more pink than lavender. But I can't ascribe it to the plant vs. my garden's soil and/or other factors. I suspect it's largely the latter, however.

I should say that, now that I think about it, it's not put on a very good show this year. More than one variable, so I don't know why. Was it the harsh weather? Or might it be because the bed has gotten very crowded and cramped?

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Julia NY(6)

Caution with WORTH IT ALL. It can have bad blooms as well as gorgeous blooms and it doesn't get very high above the foliage here. I keep it because of those gorgeous heavy substance blooms and forgive it when it doesn't look so pretty.

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Julia, I keep Red Friday for similar reasons. A lot of the blooms can look very ratty, and no one ever seems to comment on it. The seedlings I've got from it are far superior looking IMO and have scapes so tall that I don't have to angle downward to take pics of the blooms. It has become the heart of my toothy breeding. I took Venus Fly Trap pollen to a lot of those seedlings this year. It'll be interesting to see what comes from that.


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Linda, I was a bit disappointed in Red Friday. Well it was a bonus after all so I did not research it. After that I read somewhere it gives toothy edges so before removing it or maybe moving to a worse location I decided to try. I think I mentioned already that I crossed it with Chance Encounter. Well in my notes today I found I did several other crosses too. My question was - in your experience, does it give teeth or at least a hint of teeth to any flower or mama should have teeth as well? (I remember you wrote one of your crosses and pod parent had teeth).
If I have a flower on my cross it will probably be in 2 years, if that, so I wondered if I should even try again (for some reason I didn't start seeds from any other cross other than CExFR). The others I tried with RF were just older plain round blooms. Thanks!

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To date my best toothy seedlings are from Red Friday X Randy Stephens. I've got some nice ones from Johnny Cash X RF. The Johnny Cash seedling below, shows the teeth only on the sepals....the petals just have loopy gold edges.

This cross Linda Sierra X Red Friday.....if you look closely at the petal on the lower left side of the pic, you can see tiny lavender teeth. I took Spinefeld pollen to this seedling this year, and have some pods set from that cross, some pods set to Fringy too.

As a hobbyist / hybridizer I have had more hits with Red Friday than misses, and I grow a number of the registered toothy ones here.


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Thanks Linda! Pretty seedlings. I see they both got watermarks. That's also the thing I like. For some reason I was thinking of reds and pinks with RF. I see you got kids from purple and lavender. Thanks so much for the ideas. I still have several buds left on RF. Even if I don't get toothy ones it'll still be interesting.

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