Grand Duke Jasmine

gardenscents(8)December 13, 2011

It's just sitting - not growing not anything. Under lights in a 75-80% humidity room. Do they go dormant? Still has leaves but it doesn't have the flush of health of the other jasmines......???? This is my first winter with this plant.

Thanks for any advice!

PS Even the vanilla orchid has bright green healthy leaves and I usually kill that every winter!

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Hai gardenscents,

Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine prefers high heat and bright light.

The onset of cooler temps will bring on very sluggish growth and blooming will eventually come to a halt (they can be everblooming in optimal conditions). I don't think they have a true dormancy period (like plumerias for example); it is evergreen. In spite of the stagnant growth in cooler weather, it is surprisingly hardy to light frost. I find it can withstand temps in the lower 30s with no noticable frost damage.

I am not sure how effective this could be, but hopefully you might have a seed mat lying around to warm up the pot. This'll help keep the roots warmer than it already is and hopefully spark some growth. Root temperature is more important than air temperature, although air temps of least 60F will help too.

Humidity is not an important factor in keeping it healthy or growing. I grow mines in an arid climate just fine (here in the inland valleys of So. California). Of course this means the fragrance isn't as wafty as it would be in the Southern or Eastern states but it is still one of the most fragrant flowers in my collection. It is quite up there with Michelia alba IMHO in terms of strength and pleasantness of scent.


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Wow, I will attest to that. You have this plant pegged.

Mine always does the same thing until it recieves the long days of full sun and very warm temps, especially to the root zone!


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Gotta have the humidity in that room for the orchids. I'll set it on top of the light cart (I successfully root plumaria up there in the winter).

Thanks for the input!


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