china doll ( radermachia sinica)

jupiterplants(10/A)May 29, 2007

Hi ,

I was wondering have anybody seen this plant growing outside ?

In zone 10 , I saw a few that got to be about 6 foot.

Anybody know if it gets any taller ? How about the white flowers it gets ?



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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)


They will get much taller than 6' left unpruned.
I planted one for a client inside the screened patio/garden enclosure. Twice a year, at least, I'd have to prune it back considerably to keep it from growing through the 10-12' top screening.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

They will get to about 20ft tall. They don't branch much so it is a narrow topped tree. They bear creamy white, trumpet shaped flowers in late spring or summer. They are supposed to be fragrant at night but are always up in the canopy as the tree tends to branch higher up, also.
Orlando,FL z9b/10a

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D`Ann, here's all I gots on the China Doll:

1. info.
2. A little blurb of info, highlighted for easy finding on webpage; I think the China Doll's location is southern Louisiana).
3. More outdoor info, talking about the blooms; located in Texas.
4. Couldn't refind the original website of the man who wrote this quote...I put the addy into the internet archives (courtesy Wayback Machine)...and got this, and did find someone else quoting him...copied from this source:
China Doll is often sold as a small indoor plant at many places. This is what happens when you put one in the ground in Zone 9B of southeast Texas! Produces a beautiful tree that is right at home in any landscape, especially tropical or Oriental. It was used quite extensively in southern Florida during the 1930Âs but is almost nonexistent in Texas. The binnate leaves having numerous green leaflets are quite distinctive. It would make a beautiful specimen tree. Had I known this it would have been planted in a more prominent place. The tree pictured is about 18 feet in height and still growing. Quite a few years ago it did die back to about 1 foot above the ground when we had an unseasonably cold winter that reached down to 20 degrees F with an ice storm. The tree revived itself by producing 4 new trunks. This winter it went through 5 periods where the temperature reached 27 degrees F and hardly lost a leaf but the trunks are 3.4 to 4 inches in diameter now and more heavily barked than that previous cold winter. Hopefully this will protect it from future bitter cold.
5. In Santa Monica, is a statement how they're placing China Dolls for street trees next to their sidewalks. Just interesting info (also, highlighted to find easier on the webpage, scroll downward).

Sure thought more info was saved on my laptop, too, but dunno where I put it. I planted a China Doll, full sun, in Feb., or maybe that was March of this year; it has three trunks, one 3ft., one 4, and one six feet. I skirted up the lower branches today because of wind damage, and under-watering it (needs good rain really badly!). My plan was to skirt away, originally, just not so soon. Dunno how well it will do but you know I'm hoping for the best! :o) wishes for you too!

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Thanks so much David,eric,and sooth......

now that i think about it the trees that I remember more that likely were kept trimmed. We would always have them for sale at the flower shop I worked at. I thought they were pretty.

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I just discovered (via Dave's I had one growing in my backyard. It is over 30 feet tall and growing right beside an oak tree near my patio. I noticed these wonderfully fragrant white flowers on my patio, but had no idea where they came from. Since they bloom on the top, I could not see the blossoms from beneath the tree. I had to walk away from the tree to see the flowers. Last winter was mild and it didn't lose any leaves. I've not fertilized it yet and don't really do anything to maintain it. I hope it continues to thrive.

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Got one given as a house plant 7 years ago, even having cut or rather sawn it back it is still 5 metres high, it is growing in a well drained area, full sun till around 4.00pm at around 400 metres above sea level in Valencia Spain (Mediterranean climate). the branches and trunk are extremely dense and difficult to saw. The main trunk has a diameter of about 20 inches. The flowers start at end of May and bloom for 3 months, altho a flower only lasts for a night, opens at dusk and by 10am next day it is on the ground and another one is ready in the same spray for the coming evening, The perfume is amazing a cross between jasmine & orange blossom. I have lost the leaves during only one winter when we has a night at -7º c.

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