boronia megastigma

fragrant2008December 30, 2013

Hope everyone has had a good christmas :) i was just wondering if any one has grown or is growing boronia megastigma? i have been searching all over the internet for any sellers of this plant in the uk with no luck :( so if any one is growing it and would be willing to send any cuttings or seeds to the uk i would be very greateful

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Me too!! Let me know if you have any luck...I've been posting forever here and everywhere else in order to find boronia megastigma... Not that I was able to grow boronia heterophylla, it died on me twice...

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I hope you find a source for this plant! Maybe a source for seeds?
Ever since I came across the passage about it being the most heavenly scented plant in the book you suggested (Trees and Shrubs for Fragrance) I've wanted to sniff one. :)


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I thought you guys might have better luck over there in the u.s.a as the only place i have found that used to stock it but does not have any in at the moment is Cistus Nursery at 22711 NW Gillihan Road, Portland, OR 97231 but will keep you updated if i do find it

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