many gingers produced seed this year

jamesmaloyNovember 11, 2012

I found it a little strange for so many of the hedychiums to produce seed this year. I know it is common for the white butterfly but this is a first for the others. I do have lots of natural pollinators so I guess that is why. At least five different varieties have made seed pods and they are ripe. I have not hand pollinated at all. I am interested in what some of the experts think.

James in Florida

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im interested in what seeds you have. not had much luck growing them from seed but im willing to give it another shot

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hey Miketropic, sorry for being so long in replying. Just been busy. Kanes pink, aurianticum, angustifolium, and pink v have all produced seed. also another unnamed one. What zone are you in? Did you have rhizomes or started plants? Just curious. I ordered a rhizome once for wayside gardens it never did a thing, had to get a refund. I will never order a rhizome again. send an email to my email address if you want from my page
James in Florida

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