gardenia being bugged

arkangoraDecember 30, 2012

My 32 year old gardenia goes outside in summer and inside in winter. Problem is when it came inside so did the spider mites and leafminers. I sprayed before bring it in but not enough so they are recking havock on the gardenia. I sprayed 3 times with hort. oil every 3 wks but still having problems. Can anyone recommend a systemic pesticide to use indoors? There are way too many to just randomly choose one.

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Oil based product kills the mites by contact and by suffocation. ie they block their air passages or breathing holes. So a good and thorough contact is paramount. Make sure you spray all foliage top and bottom including stems and media and the pot as well. Three consecutive sprays is needed spanning between morning and evening and morning again or you might like to do it in three days. Whatever you choose. you would have to do it once more five days later to take care hatchings. You might like to consider placing the plant at a different location after the treatment.

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Didn't you already get great advice from another forum and also me?

I hope everything works out for you.'


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