My Aimee Gardenia's

melyon(9)December 6, 2005

I planted four Amiee Gardenia's in my back yard about a year ago in summer. They did great for quite awhile but now all of them have, "Freckels", of brown spots on them. Before all of this happened many of the leaves had turned a solid yellow in color. Am I over-watering them? They have recieved quite of bit of water each and every day. Is there anything I can do to reverse this?

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Mel, are the brown spots little bumps that can be scraped off or are they embedded in the leaves?
If they can be scraped, it's probably scale bug. Are you familiar w/this insect?
If that's the problems you need to rid them or they'll kill your gardenias..
Watering daily? Isn't that too much? Soil should dry a bit between waterings.
How tall are your plants? If they're established, they don't need all that water..One good drink then let soil dry a bit.
Feeding during growing season is important, too..You need an acid type fertlizer, but feeding should be done during growing season.
Overwatering will cause leaves to yellow. So, do scale. Inspect your plants and see if these spots rub off..Toni

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