Can I overwinter Alpinia zerumbet in zone 7b?

kasha77November 22, 2013

HI All-I purchased 7 variegated shell gingers late summer and have them in ground. They really took off, but now have some frost damage. I am in NC, zone 7b and was wondering if they will overwinter here if I mulch them with leaves. Any help will be appreciated. If they aren't hardy I need to dig them up pronto! Thanks!

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

They are reported to be hardy to zone 8 but their hardiness refers to the corm, not the stalks. Since this ginger blooms on second year growth, if they freeze, no blooms the following summer.


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Yes, the stalks are already dead. I mulched the whole plant with plenty of leaves. I know that we won't get blooms here, I'm majorly concerned about the rhizome making it. It was sold here in a nursery and it does say zone 8 on the tag. I hope it makes here in zone 7b. Anyone in zone 7b have any luck with it coming back in the spring?

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I'm in Raleigh (zone 7b) and I have had it happen in the past and I've seen it happen in other peoples gardens but the plants suffer so much in a cold winter that it isn't worth it. Even with a mild winter (not like this year) they don't emerge until Summer, sometimes around early July. It takes them so long to get up to speed and then fall happens and its time to go to sleep again. It will wear them out in a few years.

A lot of people just mark where they are and dig them up when they have time - even after a hard freeze has killed the leaves.

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triangle John- thank you for your input. It's supposed to warm up this week, maybe I'll dig a few up. I'll leave most in ground though, to see what happens. Merry Christmas everyone!

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