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jview(Z7a NY)December 9, 2004

I happened upon a message in another forum and the long and short of a dialogue with the other gardener is that she is going to send me four seeds of her Jasmine Tree, Holarrhena febrifuga. Googeling has yielded me almost no information about it. Can anyone help me? I don't want to waste them. And if they do germinate I want to raise them successfully. I see that in FAQs Clare Ca lists Holarrhena densiflora as a Jasmine Tree. Is this the same tree? Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Looks like you germinate it pretty much like any other holarrhena. Link below gives details. Tell us how you do with it, never seen that holarrhena before and trying to grow an antidysenterica from seed. According to the UBC botanical garden, there's a Dichroa febrifuga, but no holarrhena. Is it possible this is what it is? Seems most holarrhenas are classified as jasmine trees. The dichroa has blue flowers, and it's easy to google for more information on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Germination

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jview(Z7a NY)

RisingPower, Thank you for your response. There is one other reference to H. febrifuga which I have since found; it is listed as a species or subspecies of Holarrhena on the W3TROPICOS SPECIES LIST, but there is no further data there. I am looking foreward to receiving the seeds and hope that at least one does germinate. Again, if anyone can add further information or advise it would be greatly appreciated. Jerry

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Well, I don't think the holarrhena requires any specific care to germinate, just takes a while after being dunked in warm water for 24 hours. Still waiting on countless seeds to germinate here, holarrhena antidysenterica being one of them.

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I may be wrong, but I belive holarrehna is a synonym for wrightia -- you may find more info on the web under that name.

I have a wrightia religiousa (syn. holarrhena antidysenterica) and my understanding is keep the seeds warm, definitely moist, and they should germinate fairly easily. This is a great tree, I'd be curious to hear your experience with h. febrifuga!


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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Hm, wrightia comes up with a water jasmine plant. Looks unusual though, shame being it's one of the many plants unavailable in the UK. Parts of the US may not have the right conditions outside for plants, but at least you can buy them.

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Here's a link to a picture of wrightia antidysenteria, which I'm pretty sure is a synonym for hollarhena -- take a look and see if it matches. I'd assumed it and wrightia religiosa were the same species, but clearly they're different.

Damn, now I have a totally new species to add to my "fragrant plants wish list," which was long enough already . . .


Here is a link that might be useful: Wrightia antidysenteria

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Hm apparently they are one and the same for the antidysenteria, not sure about the religiosa though. Just hope mine has fragrant flowers.

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jview(Z7a NY)

It seems that Wrightia and Holarrhena are different species, so we all have more possibilities to look foreward to. I have not yet received the H seeds. If they do arrive, germinate, and (eventually) produce more seeds I will be happy to share them, but we do not want to count those chicks just yet. Risingpower, I'll be happy to share with you too if the time comes when I can. I was not aware that there are plants availabe here but not there. On the other hand I too have been frustrated at finding that there are plants in the UK which I cannot find here. The joy of the hunt must be part of our addiction. If anyone finds more sources, particularly for the Holarrhena, please speak up. Thanks. Jerry

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jview(Z7a NY)

Information update: Today on my way to work I stopped at the library and found a book by Alfred Byrd Graf entitled Tropica: Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees. There he writes:
"HOLARRHENA (Apocynacea)
antidysenterica (Wrightia) (Trop. Asia) the "Easter Tree"; tropical evergreen shrub with cord-like branches, and opposite oval leaves: charming tubular pure white flowers ...."(no mention of fragrance)
"pubescens (antidysenterica var.) (Bengal, Trop. Africa) 'Jasmine tree' in Africa, 'Ivory tree'in India; ... fragrant white 3 cm flowers ...."

So there IS a link (no longer missing) between Holarrhena and Wrightia which I had been unable to find until now. Finding it made me shout "eureka!", and the librarian gave
me a threatening look.
Jimshy, you were right again!
RisingPower I hope you have the pubenscens variety.
For myself, I am still waiting for the seeds to arrive. Happy Holidays to all.

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I have the Wrightia antidysenteria aka Milkyway plant.
Mine's 2-3 foot tall and is always in bloom.
There is no fragrance.

I did buy a couple of wrightia religiousa this fall,
but they're only 1 foot tall.
Right now they are defoliated because of
the cold weather we recieved in the past couple of weeks.
It suspose to be fragrant.
Can't wait they bloom........cheryl

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jview(Z7a NY)

Well, the seeds arrived yesterday and are soaking right now. I'll plant them this evening. Wish me luck, and thanks for the advice. Jerry

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

I am also soaking some Jasmine Tree seeds. The GW member who sent me these said her tree had a heavenly fragrance. She has never tried to grow these from seed and these seeds came from her tree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least some of them germinate. :)


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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Looks like I should have soaked them. Ah well, hope they germinate sooner or later.

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I've had the Wrightia religiosa seeds germinate in the same pot as the parent plant. I've held others for a few months to plant in a different pot. The held seeds never germinated so I believe they need to be fresh!

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jview(Z7a NY)

Just to give a follow-up for any who might be interested: I planted the seeds and two of them germinated. One has since died and the other does not look strong, but I have not given up hope. Jerry

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Clivebonstrom(Z8 Van Can.)

Just got some Wrightia religiosa seeds via ebay from a seller in Singapore.. soaked the seeds for 24 hours , and after a week I have my first sprouts ..

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jview(Z7a NY)

Congratulations, Clivebonstrom, I hope they thrive for you. I had not thought to check Ebay for seeds but I will. Good luck, Jerry

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