My biggest tomato ever!

apapjimMay 10, 2013

It's a Monomakh's Hat from seed Sylvia gave me at last fall's garden party. It weighs around two pounds. Those are Big Beefs lined up with it. I did nothing special (I think Sylvia put a spell on the seeds). In fact it is a poor looking plant with thin scraggly foliage with only 9 tomatoes, none of the others approaching this size. I'll report on taste later.

Papa Jim

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Those are beautiful. None of my Better Boys are ripe yet. I have one that's exceptionally-sized though. I'll send a picture when it's ripe if nothing happens to it before then.

I'm swimming in SuperSweet 100 cherry tomatoes. Can't eat them fast enough to keep up with production.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Papa Jim

I have some close to two pounds also, they have great flavor! eat them while firm to the touch and pink, they are my favorite for sandwiches and tomato sauce because they are so meaty. They are early to ripen and the foliage on the oxhearts is always wispy like that, some seasons they produce better than others.

My M Hat tomato

I made barley/tomato risotto with feta cheese with just one tomato, the are that big.:)


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Very meaty tomato but not quiet as good tasting as the Brandywines or Big Beefs. But this is just our first one. I'll reserve judgment till the crop is in.

Sylvia: Had our first mess of pole beans that you suggested we try in our second "tomato" house. Absolutely delicious. Found out we need to reduce our cooking time from what we use for store bought.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Papa Jim, I am also growing the oxheart Kosovo this season and I am very happy with the flavor and production. I like a strain of Brandywine from Monticello but sometimes is a good producer and sometimes is not, I planted this season yellow Brandywine and have not seen any ripe yet and only have few fruit in the vine. Big Beef is always a reliable producer and when it ripens on the vine has a good flavor.
When I visited Tom's garden the Beefmaster where producing really well compared to the others, he was also growing Indigo Rose and he said he liked the flavor, the vines are strong and produce well.

I just love the taste of fresh beans and my dogs too, we are eating them daily, like you said they only take minutes to prepare and they are delicious!

We are working on the bananas this week, taking the bunches down and preserving for later, they really have a knockout flavor, nothing like the store bought, the only but is that they are a lot of work.


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