Overwintering Ginger

acernut(z8b CenTX)November 29, 2006

Hi All,

Have a few potted Red and Purple Gingers (Alpinia purpurata and Dichorisandra thyrsiflora). I've had them outside all year and they've performed fantastically, but the arctic front is blowing in... what's my best option. In the house all winter? What happens if they're in a dark garage? Death or dormant?

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

The Alpinia won't survive in your zone outside. It needs temps above 50. Mine go in the greenhouse. They will most likely suffer in the house. I would try to move them in and out as the temps allow. If they are going to stay in the house all winter, try to mist them regularly as they need/require humidity. Cut down on watering to maybe once a week. My blue ginger stay in the ground and die back. They come back in the spring. More hardy that AP so you might try keeping them in the garage or a protected spot and cover them with a blanket when it it going in the mid 20's. If you can keep the AP alive through the winter, they will bloom short in a pot but the blooms won't be as large as normal.


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I am in Central Texas and I have a large ginger plant in a large pot. I've brought it in for the winter and I don't really know what to do with it. Should I trim it back? Should I dig up the roots? I've never used the roots to cook with but I like the plant's form and use it as an ornamental container plant. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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