Brown leaves on variegated ginger!

gardeniarose(z10FLA)December 22, 2004

Hi folks,

I have a large variegated ginger which is in a large pot with a mixture of Miracle-Gro and some aquatic (pebbly) soil for drainage. I have it about 2 months and it is getting brown, dry edges to the leaves. The brown spreads into the center of the leaf until about 50% of the leaf (running lengthwise) is brown and dried out. It gets thoroughly watered until the water runs out the hole in the bottom about once every 10 days, or when almost dry. I noticed the brown leaves developing while the plant was in direct afternoon sun so I moved it about 1.5 months ago into partial shade but the leaves are still browning. Any help is greatly appreciated!


PS~I have never fertilized it.

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Gingers usually like to be constantly moist. Well drained soil that does not stay soggy. But do not let them dry out.
Is this your ginger below?

Here is a link that might be useful: Alpinia zerumbet variegata

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