Has anyone grown Tacca laevis

caerulea(9bNSW Australia)December 23, 2004


I've just received some seedlings of Tacca laevis the Green Bat Plant. They seem to grow very simular to the Tacca integrifolia The White Bat Plant. I grow heaps of the White and it does very well. Has anyone grown the green before and can they give me any tips or suggestions.

As this is a fairly new plant to Australia, I thought I'd try this site.

Thanks in advance.

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I looked it up and it seems very hard to find. I didn't find any for sale in USA.
I did find this site with information so maybe you can email this person for information.
I don't have one of any color but thinking about getting one.
Let me know how yours does.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bat plants information site

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caerulea(9bNSW Australia)

Thanks cactusfreak for your reply.

It's an interesting site.We call the Tacca nivea, Tacca integrifolia over here.

IÂve potted about 30 seedlings into 100mm pots (4 inch) with a well drained organic rich mix. IÂm watering regularly, but also keeping up the humidity with misting, as this is our summer. We are having a warm to cool summer with days between 25C-35C (sorry donÂt know what that is in Fahrenheit). We have had one heat wave, which peaked at 46.5C in the shade with another about to hit over the next few days, so IÂm watching the water level. So far, so good.

No idea how long before they flower. The black (T. chantrieri) is quick, but the White (T. integrifolia or T. nivea) takes years. If someone can tell me how to post a photo on this site IÂd show you what it looks like. ItÂs beautiful like a jade green Black Bat plant with mulberry tones.

Rob H

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Wow it's hot I think 114 F
Your pictures have to be posted on a website. You can go to Photobucket.com and download for free. It explains how to do it. Use the browse window to get your picture from your file then submit it. In the space below the picture are 3 address bars copy and paste the middle one to your message. It will show the address in your message til you click preview message then it will show the picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Celcius to Farenheit convertor

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hoko(NSW Aust)

I just recently bought a tacca laevis from Orchid Oasis in Taree NSW. I'd never heard of it either and don't know how to grow it but I will ask him for you. He told me it was more cold tolerant and hardy than tacca chanteiri.Where did you get your tacca chanteiri?
Best of luck,

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Hi caerulea, Good luck to you on your laevis. The foliage alone sounds beautiful.

As you may recall, you advised me on how to germinate my integrifolia seeds, thank you. Happy to report that I now have sturdy, healthy looking seedlings so far, but worry about them when they get bigger. Any growing tips? Two years to flower?

Hope your laevis grows well for you, Karen.

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