Cooking candy with fresh ginger

BetsyBr(NJ)December 12, 2005

I had some hard candy a month or so ago and it was flavored with ginger. I have a recipe for microwave hard candy and would like to try it out. I have fresh ginger and a grater. Has anyone tried this out? Do I need to mash up the gratings or will the shredded ginger do the trick as far as flavor goes? Keep in mind the gratings will be added to HOT karo/sugar.


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Microwave Hard Candy


1 cup granulated sugar
½ cup light corn syrup
½ dram LorAnn flavoring (1/2 tsp.*) (as desired)
LorAnn liquid food coloring (as desired)
Powdered sugar (optional)
Sucker bags (optional)
Twist ties (optional)

*Please note that our Cinnamon, Clove and Peppermint flavors are particularly potent. You may wish to reduce the amount used for these flavors

Have all ingredients and tools assembled and within easy reach of the microwave. Lightly spray cookie sheet* or the cavities of clean, dry candy molds with cooking spray (we recommend PAM). Insert sucker sticks. (If using two-piece plastic or aluminum molds, insert sticks after candy has been poured into molds.) If using molds, you may also want to spray a piece of aluminum foil with cooking spray. If after pouring the candy into the molds you have excess candy, you can pour it onto the foil.

Thoroughly mix sugar and light corn syrup in a 4-cup microwave-safe glass measure. Cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH for
3 minutes and 15 seconds.*

Remove from the microwave and carefully remove plastic wrap. Quickly stir the sugar mixture and then cover with a (NEW) sheet of plastic wrap. Microwave on high for
3 minutes and 15 seconds.*

Remove from microwave, carefully remove plastic wrap and stir with a clean spoon. After boiling has ceased, stir in coloring and then flavoring.

Pour syrup quickly, but carefully using a spoon to control flow, onto prepared cookie sheet and foil or into the waiting molds. As the sugar mixture begins to set up, you may want to score with a large knife to mark squares. Break into pieces when cool. Do not refrigerate.

Cool completely. Lightly dust with powdered sugar on both sides, brushing off excess. Break into small pieces. Store in airtight containers
(preferably glass containers, plastic leaches in moisture)
between waxed paper. If making lollipops, place into sucker bags and secure with twist ties.

*Another alternative is to pour the hot candy onto a heat-resistant surface covered in powdered sugar. When the candy is slightly cooled, it can be cut with well-oiled scissors into pillow-shaped pieces.

*Please Note: All microwaves are not created equal. This recipe is designed to work in a standard household microwave with a power rating between 600-700 watts. Mini-microwaves and/or commercial microwaves are not recommended.

I only used 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger for this recipe. No need to mash it, it grates very moist. I added the Ginger before setting the bowl, in for the second time, in the microwave.

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bihai(zone 9)

I have made candied (preserved) ginger slices before and ginger isn't hard to work with. I think it would be fabulous in your recipe!

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It tasted great and I will try different variations next.

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