Heliconias seeds on ebay

mayanflora(Los Angeles)December 30, 2006

I've been looking at some of the heliconias seeds that ebay has to offer. I wonder if any one has grown any of these seeds and how succesful have you been?

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I have purchased many seeds from HeliconiaLady. Sherry has very fresh stuff that sometimes is sprouting when you get it. I have tried seeds from others with no success, whereas most of her seeds sprout quickly.

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gaza(10 la CA)

hi,i agree,sherry is a fine plant person,and all seeds she sells are what they are sold as.
many ebay sellers sell seeds that are not what they are sold as.
you seem new to heliconias?
i would start with plants first,as seedlings can be very fussy,and take years to bloom here
high altitude growers[which are what we can grow here]can take 8-10 years to bloom!
you need patience,but the rewards are worth it

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Bill(z10 swFL)

I also purchased seeds from Heliconialady. I was really uncertain, as I had never heard of anyone being successful in growing them that way, until Gwenn told me she had done it.

I ordered ten varieties since they were cheap compared to any other way of purchasing heliconias, and there are lots of varieties on that list that you just cannot find. Of course many I tried probably will not grow here, but I had to try. Of the seeds I tried I have had germination of all but one type. Some species all the seeds germinated, some only a few, but that is probably my fault. The only one that has not is Sexy Pink, and those are supposed to take a year and it has not been near that long. Although it is a slower way to start heliconias, I have been happy with the results, and I am glad I tried.


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OK, I can personally vouch for Heliconia Lady's seeds too!
I purchased 3 types, and so far (about a month) 2 of the varieties are coming up and I'm waiting on the 3rd. I grow tons of stuff from seed and usually have no problem but have never been successful wtih heliconias til now! So way to go with Heliconia Lady -- seeds are obviously super fresh and viable!

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OK, the last type (Sexy Pink III) is up! Definitely excellent quality seeds!!!!!!!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

How long do these take to flower from seed (avg)? I have only gotten them to flower from rhizomes. I would buy some seeds if I thought they might flower in like a year or two.

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