dog ate the ginger

KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)December 22, 2004

My sister's little white terrier ate the butterfly ginger that I planted in my mom's garden this spring. The little monster literally stripped the plant of every leaf she could get her teeth on. Nothing would deter her, not even getting threatened with a shovel! Because of this we didn't get a single flower from the plant. Does anyone know if the leaves of butterfly ginger is tasty to animals or is this dog just obsessed with the plant? To add insult to injury, in order to get to the butterfly ginger, the dog trampled the peacock ginger into the ground!

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the dog to leave the ginger alone?

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Dog or ginger? Dog or ginger? Dog or ginger?

I'd check out 1-800-DogPound.......

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Well, at least we know it's not toxic!

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It probably improved his breath ;-)

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bihai(zone 9)

Hedychium is not toxic to dogs, but the red pinecone blooms of Zingiber zerumbet (shampoo ginger, Awapuhi) are toxic to dogs. Other pinecone type inflos on other zingibers may be toxic as well.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

Mikey, believe me there are times that I wish I could get rid of her. Lucky for her that she's so cute and this is the only flower bed she goes after (not to mention my sister would kill me if I got rid of her dog!). Now that it's run out of ginger the dog's starting in on the mondo grass that borders the flower bed the ginger is in. I'm seriously considering getting some of that invisible electric fence and putting it around the bed.

Bihai, thanks for the info. I didn't know that the shampoo ginger's flower cones are toxic, fortunatly the dog didn't attack the shampoo ginger anywhere near as much as the butterfly.

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