Primrose surprise

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)December 30, 2011

While at my local nursery today (yes, I'm one of those nuts that keep going even during the winter) I came across a colorful display of primroses in the greenhouse. Of course I sniffed each one and settled for a deep yellow which to my nose smells like apricots. Yum! It was a cheap pick me up.

Just thought I'd share for those wanting some winter color for the windowsill along with some fragrance!


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Hi Robert,
I had no idea these could ever be fragrant. Thanks for letting us know. Such a pretty plant too.

This reminds me, I was at the nursery the other day and tried to sniff for Cyclamens that were fragrant, but alas gave up. The 3 or so dozen pots of Paperwhite Narcissus nearby were just too overpowering.

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