My jasmine is drying ..need help immediately

jasm-07December 6, 2007


I live in Oklahoma city and I have Jasmine Sambac (Duke of Tuscany). I have 3 pots and the containers are indoor and there is sunlight during day time . But suddenly one of my plant's leaves are drying out ..One of my plants have buds too but this one is drying and no flowers either...If any one has any idea please let me know ..I would really appreciate that. I do water them once a week now adays .

SO now I am all confuse what to do .Need help !

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hello, jasm, mine does the same thing every year and i have had mine for about 7 or 8 years. I spray the leaves every day or 2 and still some will dry out and fall off. but when i put it outside usually late may, it starts growing new leaves and flowers again. word of caution: let the soil dry to barely moist before you water and when you do water give it alot. this is what i find with mine in my area: i have central gas heating and it is growing in the basement and the temp in the basement is 60F.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Check for mites. Usually when my jasmines have started dropping leaves and aborting buds, mites are the culprit. Look on the backs of leaves for little specks and possibly some webbing. If you see them, give the jasmine a shower, using a sprayer if you have one, and use enough water pressure to gently blast away the mites (not so much that you just blast away leaves in the process). Check every few days to see if they return; repeat process if they do. If they keep coming back, then you might have to resort to tougher methods to get rid of them.

But check to see if you have them first. Although it wouldn't hurt to give the jasmine a shower anyway.

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

My Star Jasmine were drying up too- I have three, all together. I discovered a pretty good infestation of Spider Mites- thank goodness they are away from the rest of my plants. I'm not sure if they can be saved though...

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Jasmines, and star jasmines (botanic name trachelospermum) can come back from near total defoliation so long as the roots are OK, trim off dead leaves and any dead or dying stem tips to help start new growth, and be careful not to "kill them with kindness" by pouring water on them -- no leaves means not a lot of water transpiring out of the plant, so they don't need much water until they start leafing out again!


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