Shipping ginger rhizomes up north

johnsaunt(7)December 3, 2009

I've got two trades of Hedychium coronarium that I need to ship to cold locations--New York and Michigan. How should I tell the recipients to care for the ginger over the winter?

Thanks, Ginny

PS I have more, if anyone wants some!

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hi john
i live in quebec canada...i little
last year i received several rizones of ginger..
(i got them in january)
i kept some the same way you'd keep dahlia bulbs
wrapped and in the dark and i planted some under lights in a warm area..
they both grew in the spring...
hope this helps...

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Great! That is just the info I was going to ask but thought I'd look through previous posts first. Someone sent me a couple of 'pine cone ginger' tubers (?) and I've had them down with the dahlias in a cool area of the basement only because I didn't know what else to do and was leery of starting them growning now with a long MN winter coming on.
thanks for the info diggy.

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HI, I live in Ontario and am looking for rhizomes/plants of red ginger (Alpina purpurata). Most of my tropicals have originated as bare root bulbs which I planted in the spring and kept out over the summer. In the fall, I either bring the plant indoors to a cool and dark location and allow it to go dormant, or cut it back, dry the roots and save them. I guess shipping up north will be the same. Ship in peat moss and paper in late winter/early spring so that the rhizomes will be as fresh as possible. I am currently growing ordinary cooking ginger from a tuber bought in the grocery store. It is doing very well and even if I can't harvest it, it makes a beautiful plant. Also, elephants ears (taro/dasheen) are easy to get hold of. Just buy them in your grocery store and plant them up. I have a huge one that is about 4 years old. Cheers, flowergirl2010

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