Why is ginger taste better in India than here?

prachi(6b (NJ))December 1, 2013

I did also post this in the asian forum....

My cousin pointed out to me that the ginger used in India is much stronger than the ginger available in the grocery stores here. So here is my question:

- Is that because it is not as fresh, i.e. does it make sense to grow my own grocery store ginger at home?

-Is that because they grow a different variety of ginger in India? If that is the case can I buy "seed ginger" here in the states and grow it at home?


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Do you know the Latin/Botanical name of the ginger that you are referring to from India? I grow an edible ginger in my garden but it is the common kind from the grocery store (Zingiber officinale). It has a strong flavor but more lemony than spicy. There are different kinds of edible ginger and also many spices that are similar looking to ginger or in the 'ginger family' that have different flavors.

If you have the space in your garden and like your ginger very fresh or want some different varieties then you could grow your own ginger and spices like turmeric etc. The common type is around 3.29 or so a lb at our local grocery store right now and of course they only have that one kind.

Do you have any 'ethnic' grocery stores in your area like Asian etc.? We have a few and sometimes you can find more of the exotic spices and tropical fruits and stuff there. There is also a farmer's market here that I can get some interesting things from. I found lychees, jackfruit, and rambutan, sugar cane, and lots of guavas at ours.
One time they were selling fruit trees so I got a Longan and a Starfruit tree.

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