What to do with Zingiber officinale?

bamaudDecember 9, 2008


I started a Z. officinale in a pot around August or so, and it started to grow in maybe September, but after that, its growth was deformed.

The leaves didn't unfurl completely, were small, and had yellow blotches. I put it into my bathroom, and then the shoot just stopped growing, but stayed green. I recently dug it up, and there didn't appear to be any roots coming out of the ginger. So, now it's just sitting on top of its pot.

Does it just want to rest? Did I start it too late? Should I then put it back into the soil in Spring?

Also, I recently received a Z. zerumbet rhizome about the size of my thumb, with a bud the size of a large pea on it (the bud is yellow-ish but smooth looking). Should I keep it out of soil till winter, in like a drawer? Or should I pot it up?

Thanks a ton,


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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

Sounds like it started too late.
usually the rule of thumb is, keep it dry until it starts to sprout. I would keep it dry but if it starts to sprout, plant it, same withh the other one.
I just keep mine potted down here or in the ground

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Ok thanks. The ginger seems to have turned to much in some parts, so I'll just get a new one in spring and test it out.

As for the Z. zurumbet, though, it has started forming a skin over the bud, and I'm not sure, but is that supposed to happen? Like the bud used to be green and smooth, but now it's starting to become covered with a skin.


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