Is it gonna die on me?

greendale(6B)December 8, 2012

My Citrus Sinensis "Robertson" Naval I got from Logee's two weeks ago dropped a lot leaves and the rest leaves' color become yellowish - I have removed all the flowers. What should I do? Other plants I got doing good so far.

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Close up on the leaves. And the window is south facing

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Greendale, it's the roots I am concerned about. What kind of mix is it in and tell me what you have done with it since you got it ?

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Hi, Mike

It is in Gritty Mix (Turface:Gran-I-Grit:Repbark as 1:1:1). I have bare root it from the original soil and put into the gritty mix. Watered it couple times. And applied Foliage 9-3-6 yesterday once when I watering. Not sure if it is because it was flowering but I cut all the flowers and buds off. Yellowing and dropping happens before I applied foliage 9-3-6.

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Anything from plant shock to an iron deficiency and/or soil and/or water Ph balancing.

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mr like, what should I do for iron deficiency or water PH balancing?

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Hey Wes, good to see you:-)

He is not saying for sure that it has the problems above, but that it could be.

Your fertilizer is providing everything your plant needs to avoid Iron, and pH issues is not going to take hold that fast, within two weeks if your plant was green to begin with.

It is know that citrus, especially this time of the year can go through transplant shock as Mrlike2u also says and I will agree with that as a defintive.

It will drops it's leaves at this time and nothing to be concerned about. In fact, is that little nubs of new growth I am seeing at the top?
Your branches also look very green.

You can also relax with the root rot issues because of the mix you are using unless of course it was made it wrong or you let the roots get to dry between waterings?

Watch for new growth, great! If you notice twig die back, then let us know:-)

Good luck with it and please keep us update in a week or two?


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As Mike suggested nothing at the moment give it time to adapt to it's home and your watering/feeding routine..

FP 9-3-6 will take a little time for iron corrections.

Soil pH I pre make a mix with with garden lime, even when custom soil pH is correct I still loose leaves off of the newly acquired like you did.

In event that it is Water pH. Balancing pH requires a water test to determine your water pH. Any pool supply store would have test strips if you feel the need to test your water pH. Then suggested steps can be followed to adjust water pH higher or lower if needed. From the looks of the plants in pic near the citrus I dont suspect you have a water pH problem

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Hi, Mike and Mr Like
Thanks very much. Mike - there is no new growth. I think what you see is what left after I removed the flower. I will keep what I am doing to see what will happen. At least, the Citrus Fortunella obovata 'Fukushu' (and other plants I got from the same trip) is doing good. (Knock on wood :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Greendale,

My citrus are dropping leaves too! I am not worried about them because i think it is due to bringing them inside. They need to adjust and they will be fine. When i am out on a trip and they need water and i miss watering by a few days, they will drop the leaves to survive to save energy.

Like MrLike and Mike suggested, give them some time and then report back to them. They are citrus kings!! :-)

Take care,


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Thanks for stopping by - I know you are "on the air" (not online) a lot, appreciated. yes, I will wait a week or so to see what it does.

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